buying an old tomos targa LX

So i have been making posts on this site looking for info on how to upgrade this ped if i buy it but first i want to make sure i am getting a good deal.

Ok so is it an older modle, the tomos sticker is off the gas tank so i dont know the exact year, but from the fareing i am guessing it is early 90's.

It shakes a bit when shifting into 2nd gear, so i am am thinking it either has a warped 2nd gear or needs recorking\ new clutch.

it has a leak coming from somewhere.

It is 200 bucks, i will be test riding it soon and trying to find out where the oil leak is coming from. I was thinking i would ask to get it for 150.

So is it a good deal or not?


Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

here is a pic.

o ya and one blinker is broken


Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

If it runs and somewhat drives and has all the paperwork required to drive it legally in your state $150-200 sounds like a pretty good deal.

Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

Yes you can win /

You'll never know if it's good until you take it apart. What colour is the oil leak? If you don't have enough oil in your gearbox it might cause a shudder. Unless you have a SERIOUS problem like a broken crankshaft you can fix anything on the bike pretty cheap and easy. DON'T REMOVE YOUR oil injector though.

Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

the kid who i am buying it from is a friend, so i dont want to ask for too law a price.

Do you think 150 is reasonable?

I am just afraid it will die on me after a couple of months and i will have wasted 200 bucks, only wasting 150 sounds better to me.

Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

why shouldnt i remove the oil injector? i hear they are terrible.

Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

Hair Tonic 4 U /

Don't get me started, Bairdlax. Just check out the injector threads .. tons of information, pros and cons.

Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

They ARE terrible, if that moped still has one, that is probably where the leak is coming from. Being that old, it is highly unlikely it still has one, the cheesy fish tank lines rot and turn to dust in less time than that. I'd mostly be concerned about the shudder. Could be the clutch lining (you have to replace both complete clutches if they are bad, and they aren't that cheap), could be low or overfull of oil, or it could be something worse, like a bent or worn shaft or a bad bearing. But I'd bet on the clutch lining. You would have to tear it down to find out for sure, unless just changing the fluid fixes it. And yes, Mr. Targaped, I have has Tomos engines and transmissions COMPLETELY apart before, and put them back together, and they ran great. What do you think about that, huh?

Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

I think this about that, Jerry, that Arizona must be a nice place to work on a moped, and you have a nice picture of a nice bike on your profile, and I hope you never have to take a moped engine apart again .. although you probably will just for the fun of it.

Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

That bike in my profile is an '80 Puch Newport 2 hp 2 spd. ZA50, that I bought as a basket case, and rebuilt from the ground up, including the ZA50 2 spd engine. I have over 4,000 miles on it since rebuilding it, without a bit of trouble. And no, it does not have oil injection on it.

Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

by clutch lining do you mean the cork? cause recorcking doesn'y look that hard.

and i saw shafts going for 15 on ebay, and everything in the engine for not that much

Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

Yes, the cork. A clutch with just part of the lining worn off tends to grab and shudder when engaging. There was a post on here several months ago about someone replacing just the lining, if you can find it. Tomos does not sell this stuff, and I don't know where they got it from. I also don't know if they ever made it work, or what they glued it on with. For $200, if it runs, and is not completely trashed, it's kind of hard to go wrong. Even if you had to replace both clutches with new ones it would still be a good deal. The thing to watch out for, is if someone who had no idea what they were doing worked on the engine. Leaving out shims, spacers, etc. when assembling an engine can do a lot of damage. I'd also check it over good for crash damage. A bent frame would make it practically worthless. Peace. Jerry.

Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

John Joedicke /

Bike is at least a 93 or newer. A35 engine which gives you lots of options. Older bike ....remove the injector as everything is probably worn and the lines probably have never been touched. Shoot him $150 and walk away with it. Make sure you get paperwork/registration if there is any. None then offer $100.

Re: buying an old tomos targa LX

Ok i will hopefully test ride it today and will offer him 150.

There is no registration with the bike, but it's not a problem because i dont need it in CT.

I will post back with the test ride results later. And if i buy it a quick vid.

thanks for the help

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