Moped Jay's an expert

Mental Health Problem /

Yeah .. I might come back to the forum as twenty seven different people .. some of them transgendered .. maybe even disguised as a Werewolf .. better yet a Vampie .. that way I'd be truly welcomed by the Venomous Few. Don't let me bite you .. Donnnnnnnnnnnnnn't let me bite you. You might become human.

Re: Moped Jay's an expert

man i have mental problems too but not as bad as yours

you are just fucked up

im just kiddin though

Re: Moped Jay's an expert

are your hemroids acting up again ?

Re: Moped Jay's an expert

Because you can't win /

Well I'm so fucked up Jay that it felt good to get mad and say what I thought of someone for a change. Great stuff. Real Pacifying.

What were you just kidding about.

Re: Moped Jay's an expert

your great man fucking hilarious

Re: Moped Jay's an expert

Yes you can win /

Fuck I was mad.

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