1980 Honda PA50

Just purchased one and wondering where you can get parts for it. Need a newer muffler

Re: 1980 Honda PA50

at the top of the page, there is a link that says forums... hover over it and choose "buy/sell". that will take you to a magical land full of wondrous moped parts!

Re: 1980 Honda PA50

yeah, and depending on your issue, someone might be able to help you fix it. If its clogged, BBQ that biotch well done.

Re: 1980 Honda PA50

Stock Hobbit mufflers are a dime a dozen on the buy/sell forum or on ebay.

Are you looking for something better than a stock one?

Re: 1980 Honda PA50

Honda may still carry some parts, also try midwestmotorsports.com and of course buy/sell forum here and ebay

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