kromag sidecovers

does anybody know where i can get sidecovers for my puch kromag? i cant fucking find them anywhere! i believe they're the same as the covers for the magnums. i also can't find a seat for it either, my current one is covered in duct tape and is turd brown.


Re: kromag sidecovers

PUt a post on the buy and sell.

They are KINDA the same as a magnum, many magnums had ZA50's and the covers are slightly different

they are the same as a pinto, a murray, a kromag, a freespirit, those kinda things tho.

Re: kromag sidecovers

alright, thanks! i've seen them for insanely high prices on mopedjunkyard, but i'm 14 and on a very tight budget, so i can't afford it if it's $50 a sidecover.

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