i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pics**

chuck russo va /

hey i just got my motor back from anthony, the tester kid for moped warehouse. he matched and polished my transfers for the polini kit, tuned it and put some miles on it for me.

well i broke the clutch cable on it befor i could use it so i bought a new one at the store and i moved some nut and messed up the clutch so it didnt work, i fixed it and then took it for a test ride......

damn this bike flys, i bet it does 50 mph easy 18/40 ratio.

well i went down the road and it pulls like a raped ape in the higher rpms of 2nd gear, so i was coming back to my house, and there was this hill, i was right in the powerband so i goosed it at the top and it pulled a insane wheelie and tryed to bring it down and somehow lost controll of it (kinda started to wobble from side to side) and i fell off and the moped slid on its side and fliped when it hit a ditch.

the moped needs a new pedal, silancer on the proma is all messed up and there is a nice ding in the chamber, also broke head light lens, bulb and mounthing brackets, prolly bent the forks i havent looked.


Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

chuck russo va /



Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

chuck russo va /

moped pic

Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

chuck russo va /

front of the ped


oh yeah and to top it off....

chuck russo va /

oh yeah and to top it off i was wearing birkenstock sandles, basketball shorts and a t-shirt with no helmet. i am glad i didnt hit my head

forks are bent!

chuck russo va /

i jsut looked, the forks are bent. i am so pissed

Re: forks are bent!

Dam Chuck, sounds like you got it hooked up to run like that! Good thing you got those parts bikes... get healed up and try again! Doug

Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

my brother got in a accident last year, and has a huge scar on his elbow. a kid flew out of his driveway on a bike when my brother was riding his ped and they smacked right into each other

Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

david f martin /

Chuck, I'm sorry about your wipeout... but I'm glad it wasn't more serious.


Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

OUCH! You and your ped got a good case of road rash. Hope you heal up alright and get your ped back into shape.

Trac Man

Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

nice crash

Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

chuck russo va /

yeah, i just got back from the hospital, there was a bunch of tar in my arms and knee, the nurse played wax on wax off on my knee and elbos, needless to say ut hurt real bad, now i look like mummy returns

Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

ItsLookingUp /

chuck, sorry to hear that.It sure looks painful. Hope you get the ped back on the road quickly. (You will heal... the ped needs assistance) just kidding

wheelies are fun

too bad chuck, crashin really does suck.

get well quick and don't let THIS be in your future (see attach.)


Re: wheelies are fun

Chris MWH /

Ouch. Been there , done that.

Chris MWH

You damn fool...heh.

Reeperette /

At the very LEAST, no matter how hot it is, you can get away with an unbuttoned flannel shirt...doesn't completely protect, but it's better than nothing.

Me, I wear my leather jacket, tho I take a special pride in mine cause it was gifted to me by an old biker who thought me "worthy" of it, anyhow, leather is worth the money.

The ped doesn't look too bad, a couple hours, max, and I could put it back into shape, with the right parts.

Now explain to me exactly why you thought it a good idea to try popping wheelies on a newly upgraded moped you had not fully familiarised yourself with ? Hmmm ?

Seriously tho...I feel your pain...that shite HURTS, it hurts a LOT when you first hit, it aches like hell for weeks too, and if they hafta scrub asphalt out, it REALLY hurts, but on the bright side, at least ya don't need skin grafts..I gotta coupla those, and they ain't fun at all.

This reminds me of a scene from Taz-mania.

"Where does good judgement come from ?"

"Well, that comes from experience."

"And where does experience come from ?"

"Now that comes from bad judgement."

"I believe we're about to get a lot of experience..."

"I do believe you are right..."


That's what you get for wearing Birkenstocks

no, I'm just joking man. That does suck, and you are lucky you didnt' hit your head. I don't wear a helmet, either. That sucks about your bike, too.

Hope things work out for you

Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

InfectedBootSector /

Ouch man...

Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

Damn mopeds!!


Re: That's what you get for wearing Birkenstocks

chuck russo va /

i usally wear a helmet, i didnt this time cuz i was out doinmg a test run cuz i just adjusted the clutch cable

Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

Nice road rash! Reminds me of when I used to get hurt really bad, trying handrails on my skateboard when I was 13.

Protective Gear (accident this morning)

Knock on wood....hold on... ok.

My new scooter (the one I have no mechanical knowledge of, and am adding tons of "bolt on" horsepower... should be going from 4 horse to about 8, maybe a bit more.

What am I wearing? Tank top, shorts, no helmet and sandals. Yep... the same wayne that was nearly destroyed in an accident last august.

top speed? Calibrating with a car, with nothing but the performance pipe, on level ground is 55-57. Downhill.....at least 10mph faster.

My brain is functioning very poorly....apparently, it is not even attempting to protect itself from severe damage.

In the spring and fall, I'm with Ree, on the value of leather and gear. In the 92 degree heat...it's tough to force on a helmet and an extra layer of protection.

People in cars MUST be jealous of how 'cool' and exposed to the air I am.....but they won't think it is so 'cool' after they see me skid 70 feet on my face.....

Plastic type shorts and parachute pants (for you hammer fans) will melt to your body--- vinyl windbreakers...will melt into your flesh during a good skid. instead of just road rash, you've got melted plastic sealing in all the dirt...begging for an infection following the burn.

Protective gear sucks.... you'll wear it every day for three months, and the one short trip to the store when you don't wear it, you'll end up maimed. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

Oh, yeah.... this morning at a stop sign, some OLD lady (80+) pops her car into reverse and backs up fast, smashing into the front of my new scooter!!!!

Then.....She puts it in drive, puts her blinker on, and starts driving off!!! I screamed, and told her I had her plate #. She stopped, I inspected the bike---no damage... a barely visible scratch. I'm bringing it to the shop for mods next week, (was hoping this week) and I'll have them look for internal/invisible damage. She was all worried about my bike, and if I was okay... then when I showed her the damage to HER car, she started freaking about how mad her husband would be. He tells her to use the light to get out of the neighborhood.... I can see why. I can't use the light--- not enough bike to trigger the cycle of change.

So...she pulled out, to see if it was "safe" it wasn't clear, so she starts backing up like a maniac--- right into me.

Luckily, no damage (I hope). I told her not to tell her husband, that she'd probably never hear from me again, and I only wrote her plate down in case something inside my forks was broken. the bike rode fine on the way to work. I told her to wash off the scuff marks, and her husband wouldn't even notice....

This lady was old--- she was nearly crying-- she had missed "tea" and recieved an emergency call from her daughter....whatever that means. I'm glad my scooter is okay, but if old people keep running into me....I'm going to propogate a stereotype about blue hair and a lack of driving skill. I'm also glad her car was okay.....she was having a bad morning before backing into me.

Point being, I could have been hurt or backed over, less than 200 feet from my house. No helmet.... what a doofus I am.

You'd think I'd be protecting myself after the big crash last year.

Gotta at least wear the helmet.

Re: Protective Gear (accident this morning)

I don't know Wayne, you seem to have mellowed a bit- you didn't spit coffee on her windshield or anything this time.

Protective Gear and Hot Weather

Reeperette /

>>Protective gear sucks.... you'll wear it every day for three months, and the one short trip to the store when you don't wear it, you'll end up maimed. Better safe than sorry, I guess.<<

You know, that morning I had looked at my gear and for an eyeblink considered not "gearing up" for something as simple as a run to the gas station for some smokes..

But a principle from my security employment popped in my head - that true security is NEVER relaxing vigalance, no matter how safe and secure the situation seems, cause the one time you do - that's when all hell will break loose.

With that in mind, I packed on my gear, went out....and WHAMMO, got to find out what a bug feels like when it hits yer windshield.....but you know what ?

That gear is why I am still here....WEAR that shite, trust me.

It's not the trip 20 miles down the road that will get you, it's that little test hop on the street in front of your house... that little jaunt to the corner store 1/4 mile away - THAT, is when you'll get killed, believe it, the Gov even has statistics to prove that, from the insurance companies.

Most accidents involving you will occur within 5 miles of your home...a good bit of them even less.

Make it a simple rule, ass-on-seat = helmet-on-head.

It's one of mine, and I am still here to talk about it.

If it's really hot outside, you can get away with shorts, just grab some kneepads, it don't look that dorky, and if it does, what of it, yer already pushin a moped, right ?

A light flannel shirt can be worn even in the hottest weather if you don't button it, I do that on ultra-hot days myself, sometimes even with elbow pads.

A pair of fingerless leather gloves is a damn good invesment, most weightlifting gloves will do, cause consider what the first thing yer gonna do is when you fall off ? stick your hands out, of course, and which would you rather take the hit, your palms or the leather ?

Now I will admit that when it's hot a full-face helmet becomes a damn oven on a moped, which is one reason I don't wear one, preferring 3/4 openface, but you can get by with a "board beanie" (skateboard/bicycle) helmet if your state doesn't exactly require helmet use on a moped.

Speakin of which, most board-head equipment is a good addition on hot days, if you wanna do the shorts and a T-shirt thing, just raid your friends and borrow some boarding gear, and yer all set.

It's a thought.


Re: Protective Gear (accident this morning)

Oh, my. Talk about embarassed. Yes... I really let that guy have it. I haven't seen him, or even his car since the charges were dropped. Spitting coffee on cagers should always be a last resort. that was the fellow I beat to a pulp.....that was a crappy start to the morning.

I did recently get into a shouting match with a jerk (in a pick-up truck)...nothing traded but insults. I love a good taunting.

I made my wife a promise that there would be no more moped fights.

If you saw how upset this old bird was.....backing into my bike nearly caused her to have a breakdown... I think even if my bike was smashed up, I'd have been nice. She reminded me of someone's grandma.

Like the kid who nearly killed me by speeding at 120 in a 40 mph zone.... I wasn't mad at him-- careless, maybe, but accidental and juvenile...not hostile.

UNLIKE the truck driver I gave the brake job, or the guy who got a free coffee.... those two people were clearly "out to get me" so my reactions were more primal and violent.

I suppose a good left hook might have taught that old bat what backing into a persons bike gets you....heheh.

Chances are, it'd be like happy gilmore, and I'd be posting about getting a beating from a senior citizen. She probably takes Karate with Bob Barker

Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pi

Dont worry Chuck! It happens to the best of us. I can remember when I was a kid, going down on my ped. I had to go to the emergency room too for a gravel scrape-out, Ouch!

You'll be back on the road soon. Good luck to you.

Re: User Profile

Post that photo of you and your messy arms in your user profile!! That should be good for a few laughs, when people view it.... maybe teach them a lesson too-- Mopeds CAN be dangerous. Not just cute little toys.....

'Specially when you're doing a wheelie on a newly modded speed machine.

Happy healing.

Re: User Profile

chuck russo va /

haha i prolly will, thats pretty funny

Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pics**

Damn Chuck, Get well soon!

Re: i wrecked my moped, and got bad road rash **pics**

He's probably OK by now. It was 9 years ago.

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