chappy prdals?

I just picked up this Chappy, and I can't understand how the pedals work. The one on the right side by the kick starter pushes in to that it doesn't rotate, but there is a spring that pops it back out. I can't see a pin or anything that keeps it in place when it's pushed in. The one on the left side goes around, and it looks like there is supposed to be a pin that would make it engage the sprocket so you could actually pedal the bike if needed, but that pin is gone. Can anyone explain how this pedal system works? Just by looking at it you would think that these pedals would be your foot rests while riding.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: chappy pedals?

WHOOPS! I meant to type "Pedals".

Re: chappy pedals?

whoa, chappys have pedals?

Re: chappy pedals?

some do.. i think the deal with that setup is, you can rotate one of the pedals around so its parallel to the other, and then it locks in place and you can use it as footpegs.. thats what i heard, anyway.

Re: chappy pedals?


But I can't figure out how to lock the pedals in place. You push the right side pedal assembly in and there is a notch to keep it from turning, but then as soon as you let go it pops back out because it's spring loaded. I have to be missing something.

Re: chappy prdals?

you hold it in and rotate the other faward and you have foot rests the you rotate it backwards and it will pop out and you have pedals again

on the left side theres a knob you use to lock and unlock the sproket

Re: chappy prdals?



Have you got a Chappy?

Is there a way to adjust the oil pump?

Mine seems to be getting way too much oil.

It runs rough and is puffing out smoke like crazy!

I just bought it and don't know anything about it.

I have a service manual on order, but want to play with it before the manual comes!

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