bi turbo

can i put a bi turbo on a 1978 honda pc50 or is it for new mopeds

Re: bi turbo

I didn't think they made the PC50 in 1978.

But if you are talking about a Honda 4 stroke .. (valves and push-rods?) .. then .. NO .. BiTurbo doesn't make any pipes for those.

Re: bi turbo

ok thanks but it says on the papers that its a 78

Re: bi turbo

Chris MWH /

Bill ,

I do not deal with Hondas but I will tell you that a lot of people have been ordering the Tomos 2 piece biturbo for PC 50's. There is no biturbo that is made for your PC50. I believe they have been using the stock header pipe and fabricating a bracket for it. We have done this on many other mopeds.

Chris MWH

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