loose rear sprocket on tomos ST

I've just recently purchaced a 2001 tomos st and was wondering if the play in the rear sprocket was normal. The rear sprocket will move just a little before it engages with the back tire. also the 4 bolts that are on the sprocket are a little loose but there is this crazy washer that gets in the way of me trying to tighten them down. Its the one that raps a little over the bolts. This model is a kickstarter if that makes any difference.

Re: loose rear sprocket on tomos ST

It should be tight, the lock washer thing is made to keep them from backing out. Bend the tabs flat, tighten the bolts and then bend the tabs over the edge of the bolt again.

Re: loose rear sprocket on tomos ST


Re: loose rear sprocket on tomos ST

You may need to replace those flat washers. They are really cheap. Sometimes when you flatten them out, then bend them back, they tend to break. Also remember that the bolt heads will be in a slightly different location after you tighten the bolts, which might make it a little more difficult to bend the washers back. Since it was loose, you might want to just go ahead and take it apart, and make sure the bolts or the holes in the sprocket aren't worn form them being loose. I also recommend just a little blue Loc-Tite on the bolt threads. Peace. Jerry.

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