You may have seen some of my posts recently. I bought a 78 puch newport and a 74 puch maxi that were realllyyy beat up. I've never worked on mopeds or cars or anything before. But I wanted a project.

It seemed fun, and god damnit it was fun.

I had lots of questions and for being covered in grease for over a week, I had very little mopedding to show for it.

Today that all changed.

I DROVE IT! WOOHOO! It was really fun, really gratifying, and totally worth it. Now the bike isnt perfect, it's far from it, actually. I don't have a rear brake, I'm missing stuff and there will be more questions to come. But today I rode it.

So, thank you moped army. In the end, the final fix was the point gap. That and the timing may have been a bit off. But it works, and I'm really happy.

Thanks everyone.


Re: Victory!

Ride On, Raisin /

Yeah .. you've got the bug alright.

Re: Victory!

yay! just wait till half a year later and you've still only ridden the thing one minute for every ten you worked on it ;p still worth it.

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