basic puch questions

just basic questions i don't know.

anyways...if i order 9/16th pedal crank arms...will those fit my 78 puch maxi-luxe.

also it sais i need 10 watt and 5 watt bulbs for tail and break lights...but there are so many variations or voltage. what voltage should i have in respect to the watts.

lastly, would a 3/16 inline fuel filter fit.


Re: basic puch questions

Not sure about the first question.

You will need 6volt bulbs.

3/16" filter will fit.

Hope this helped.


Re: basic puch questions

Bicycle crank arms won't fit, even if they're cottered. You're going to have to find a stock puch set.

Mopeds are 6v.


Re: basic puch questions

Cleats Onionpockets /

Keep in mind, you won't need to order new pedals, 9/16 bicycle PEDALS will fit. But the problem with the pedal arms as it's been explained to me at the local bike shop is that the arms are typically not as angled as the puch arms are, as the bike arms don't need to clear an exhaust pipe. So they're closer to center

Re: basic puch questions

thanks a bunch guys.

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