Moped=Death Wish?

I signed up for a google alert for any news/blog postings about mopeds. Every couple of days I get a digest of links of everything "moped". Here's a recent sample...

Gasmen called after moped fire

Mid Devon Star - Taunton,England,UK

By Mid Devon Star Reporter EMERGENCY gasmen were called to Barnstaple today (Tuesday) after heat from a moped fire cracked a domestic pipe. ...

URI student in fair condition after moped accident

Block Island Times - RI, USA

It was the first moped accident of 2008, McConville said. According to police, Braithwaite was driving south on Corn Neck Road when he lost control at the ...

Man found dead near moped on Dallas highway

Texas Cable News - Dallas,TX,USA

Investigators were trying to determine the details of what happened, but the body was discovered near a moped the man had apparently been riding on...

Case of the unconscious moped driver dismissed

Molokai Times - Kaunakakai,HI,USA

Sheffield was found on the grass shoulder near his moped at Mile Post 9.9 East June 22, 2007. Officer Manaois of the Molokai Police stated in court that he ...

Saving money on gas

Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA

Someone on a scooter doesn't have a chance against a car. This story serves as a warning. A Moped rider was found dead on I-30 near Fair Park early this ...

There's some good news too, but every digest has 5+ stories about dead or unconscious moped riders WTF?!

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

Cleats Onionpockets /

Keep in mind, most of these are probably scooter related, just with shoddy terminology.

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

Mopeds are dangerous, no doubt about it. But they sure are fun, and it's not really the mopeds fault, it's all the other traffic that makes them dangerous. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

oh, I love my moped, I'm just surprised there aren't more positive stories and links like this one...

which I also found from the Google Alert, it just seems the buzz is less than fair and balanced.

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

I think you just solved my problem. I have a black '03 Tomos with all the decals removed, and was looking for something to put on the tank. "Death Wish" would look great. Especially after I paint the wheels red, put wide whitewalls on it, and a smattering of chrome here and there. Peace. Jerry

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

Hmmm Makes me not wanna die in my bathtub, I better never take a shower again! hahaaa

Yep people die over ANYTHING.

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

You aren't going to find many positive story's through the media. There aren't enough mopeds out there to really have a presence, most of what you'll find are things about scooters.

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

come ride with us next time and you will re-experience the life-affirming properties of mopedism

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

Interesting you should bring that up. A whole lot more people die of head injuries from falling in the shower or tub every year, than die in moped accidents. Just a few months ago, in my city, a woman was killed in her bathtub, when she slipped and fell, hit her head on the shower tile, knocked herself out, then drowned in the tub full of water. Save that helmet for the shower. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

toe fur threadkiller /

or for the river.

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

Brian Mikami /

Ed Roth painted Death Wish on his first chopper...pissed off his wife. I got these pegs on my Puch...cross my fingers and ride.

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

Love is a death wish? /

I'll bet the number of mopeders killed by accidents is far less than 1 percent of suicides from broken romances.

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

I'll bet if you do the same thing with "bicycle" you'll get a similar result, as they're are statistically quite dangerous. I suspect it's for the same reasons: young/inexperienced riders, no helmets, and the fact that you are exposed to traffic.

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

What we should really be looking at is if the death rate is higher with moped people, than non-moped people... Really guys, if every one of us dropped dead, most major causes would still beat us out statisticly...

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

plainly the many thousands of people on this forum are ALREADY DEAD

Re: Moped=Death Wish?

Ride On, Raisin /


Re: Moped=Death Wish?

I almost got run over by a fucking semi driving in a thunderstorm down a major road today C:

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