Vino v/s Metro

Anybody tried both of them?

I rode a metro today, and it was pretty nice. I am a little big for it, my knees were on the handlebars while turning lock to lock, but it wasn't that bad while driving it.

It had good low end, and got up to 30 with me on it, but not much past that. It was a I, not a II. It was smooth too, even over a bumpy rock and dirt road(caleche, if you know what that is).

The exhaust has that jetson's bubble noise to it, and overall it ain't that bad.

The local Yamaha place said that they will probably get one of the 2003 Vinos in in a few months.

I'm leaning more towards the Vino, because it's 2cycle, and there are actually performance parts out there for it. Plus, by removing restrictors, you can get it going around 40 with a little work.

I still like my mopeds better, because you still have something between your feet, not just a platform.

Now wether or not I'll go for the flat black hot rod look once I get one remains to be seen.

Re: Vino v/s Metro

Matt Wilson /


I've got the Zuma, which has many of the same parts as the vino. The vino has a variotor washer that prevents the sheaves from closing all the way. It may also have an exhaust washer but I'm not sure.

And there are tons of parts for them.

I love the way Yamaha did the zuma. Everything is very thought out.

Re: Vino v/s Metro

Mike (MA) /

Hey Mike,

Glad to hear you're thinking about the Vino. I got a new Vespa ET2 last year and I'm regretting it. I wish I had gone with either the Vino or Bajaj's Chetak (4-stroke, but has a 4 speed trans).

-Mike (MA)

PS: Got my Sachs running again yesterday.

Re: Vino v/s Metro

InfectedBootSector /

If I could have afforded it, I would have bought the Chetak. Its a nice machine, but in MD, I would have had to take my MC test, and I try to to give those crooks any more money than I have to.

Vespas are way to much here. My Metro is just as good (quality wise) as an ET2 and MUCH cheaper.

Its like buying a 130$ pair of Nikes when I can go out and get Airwalks for 1/3 that, and the Airwalks are built better and are more comfortable. But I digress.... haha

Anyway, to each his own, but I really like my Metro :)

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