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Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

wether you have new tires or not, are you willing to risk having a flat and having to push your ped out of the middle of nowhere when it does. Alway carry a spare tire hehe Jim

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Dirt Clogged? /

Maybe dirt's the culprit? Under the seat can get dirty, and if someone's not careful dirt can get into the oil when you're refilling, especially as it's faster to take the filter out of the filler opening.

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I love it, yeah , its a mob mentality. We want ya all to do something nutty like not blow up your motor.

Everybody's got an opinion. People actually working on tomos's or that have owned them have some insight this.

I had a 06 streetmate, and the quality of the lines and the system setup just seemed so totally UNLIKE everything else on the bike. The lines were too long at one point and would have eventually kinked in time, and then the damned thing tried to suck the frigging defective cap into the tank. Before it had gone 100 miles.

you know, maybe if you do inspect it every day and give it a little milking and massageing it will be fine, take your pump and replace the gear, make sure your lines are clear and not kinked and not getting old and crusty...

id rather just ride.

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Vanessa - Your question began a hugely valuable exchange of information .. I hope you read all the posts including the anti-clique posts, especially Saabsonette's in anti-clique, as to why the injectors can fail. The replacement clutch is only $3.00 I believe, very simple to exchange .. one screwdriver needed. I did mine at 10,000 miles. Also, getting dirt in the oil when refilling the oil tank would be a problem for the pump, and it gets dirty under the seat where the tank is, and there is a filtering screen to pour through we should always use if we use the injector, and I will continue to do so but I will be more careful about the clutch and cleaning under the seat. Best of riding to you.

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It just seems like preventitive maintenance. Even if theres only a one in lets say 10000 chance the pump will fail, I don't want to be #10000. It's a matter of opinion, I have absolutely no previous experience except for the 1800km I've put on my 01 targa, and I just feel like if I knew this could be an issue and left it on and had a seizure, I would hate myself for it.

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John Joedicke /

Depending on the year it is either a Mikuni or a delLorto pump. Newer ones are delLorto.

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