ANyone have a hobbit pulled pulley puller

Yeah, funny name, but seriously, I need this tool to fix my variator. If someone would loan me one or sell me one, I would be much abliged. The rear pulley on Loraina Hobbit seems to be not moving so much. Or at all.

Re: ANyone have a hobbit pulled pulley puller

Be VERY CAREFUL when working on the rear pulleys on a Hobbit. They are made of very thin material and will bend easily. I speak from experience.

The pulley assy is mounted on a taper. Try this: Loosen the nut and back it off until the nut is even with the end of the shaft. Place something hard and flat against the nut/shaft and then hit it a couple of times with a good sized hammer.

It should pop off the shaft.

Taking the two halves apart is another matter. I can't remember how I got mine apart. I think I just pried down in the center with some wide tools until it sprung open.

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