Scooter tuning is not a crime?

I was surfing around looking at videos from not america, and there was this guy wearing a shirt that said "scooter tuning is not a crime" who said it was? I want one of those shirts and rock it here in the states so people will just look at me and be like, uh yeah its not.

Re: Scooter tuning is not a crime?

A few years back, every teenager around here wore shirts that said "skateboarding is not a crime". Well, guess what. It is now, at least in my city, except on private property. It's rarely enforced, except for complaints called in to the police dept., but you can be fined for it. Technically, skateboards are not allowed on the streets or sidewalks, or bike paths. What actually got this law passed was all the gopeds and motorized skateboards, the ones where you hold a remote control in your hand, which were always illegal, but the city wrote up a new law, and included regular skateboards in it to. But they did build a really fancy concrete skateboard park, so the kids would have some place to skateboard. They have already been sued several times by parents whose kids got hurt there. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Scooter tuning is not a crime?

Tyrone Biggumss /

ha omg i have a shirt like this

it hAS a picture of a pb&j sandwhich and says eating pb&j is not a crime

everytime i wear it so anywhere i always get one person who asks me wtf?

Re: Scooter tuning is not a crime?

Thats the idea. I have always been the king of obnoxious shirts. You ever seen the Onion shirt that says "Your favorite band sucks?" well they stole that shit from me. Hand of god, the Onion used to be totally based out of Madison and back in middle/high school day I would always buy white T shirts, cut out a stencil and spray paint an asshole phrase on them. One of those guys must have seen me on state street, as I used to hang out there and there office was there. I wish I had proof, like a seventh grade photo with me in the shirt.

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