Bolt size/pitch question

Any one know the bolt size, atandard or metric, thread pitch. for an intake enjector hole. I need to close off the oil injection hole on my intake. I am at work and would like to grab a bolt out of the crib before I go so I can get this thing running tonight.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Bolt size/pitch question

For which type of bike?

If the injector bolt has a 10mm head, it's likely 6mm x 1.0mm.


Re: Bolt size/pitch question

I didn't know you could get oil injection on a Puch Maxi. On a Tomos I just leave the injector in place, and put a 1/8" vacuum cap on it. Just don't use a bolt longer than the injector, it will stick down inside the manifold, and interfere with airflow. Peace. Jerry.

Re: Bolt size/pitch question

Bruce Edwards /

Put Shoo Goo in it.

Re: Bolt size/pitch question

The bolts that fit into the injector assembly are M5 with a pitch of .8mm A bolt with a 15mm reach should work well with a block off plate.

Make sure you run a gasket and keep the internal black sleeve and everything else in there. Unless you want a crank case leak out your magneto side.

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