! A Great Day for Mopeders ! READ..LONG BUT COOL

NelsonDa Great /

Hello to all who are reading this. About a year ago this moped stuff was all bullsh*t. I wasnt a moped fan but i was kind of forced into getting one on the fact that my parents wouldnt buy me a car till i was 19. I am 17 now and dont have a job and cant

Re: ! A Great Day for Mopeders ! READ..LONG BUT CO

how did you get the governers off? i think i can feel them holding me back- on very good days i hit about 29mph but otherwise i cant go over 23. i don't even know where to look for them- where are they held? any help would be appreciated.

How to take governers off?

---MoPeDgOd---- /

Many moped machanics deny that there are governers on a moped but there is! They are locates near the brake pads. Becareful when you do this.<br>

Re: How to take governers off?

:Becareful when you do this.<p>do what? how do you get them off? <p>

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