tool names and sizes...

I need to fix a couple of things on my magnum...

both tires

new gas lines

test electrical system

I just need to know what kind of tool(s) I will need to change the tires with. It would be helpful if I had a specific brand name and or tool size (if applicable.) Also, what size tubes and tires does a Magnum take anyway?


Kuro Neko Neko

Re: tool names and sizes... this the only thing I need? Ugg, being a noob sucks..thats why I'm fiddling with things to see how things work.

Kuro Neko neko

Re: tool names and sizes...

tire irons any kind really to take of your tires

an electrical tester resistance thing for seeing if u have a circuit. then the closest volts above what u r suppose to have to check what kinda volts u have actually and if your battery is dead.

fuel line should be 5/16 fuel line (i would take some of yours in and ask if they have any and what size it is) your local motorbike shop should have some

Re: tool names and sizes...

fuel line should be 3/16 not 5/16 thats on a car :p

Re: tool names and sizes...

tires and tubes are 17x2.25-2.50 (your choice) tubes that are bigger than your tire are generally fine.

if youre getting gasline, 3/16" and get a fuel filter too.

tire irons are cheap on jc whitneys site too.

Re: tool names and sizes...

This is _so_ not what I thought this thread was gonna be about.

(Little Elvis, btw)

Re: tool names and sizes...

I assume Elvis the name and little is the size?

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