to whoever asked on the other thread, there WAS a role call. several in fact. they have gotten burried and i dont have time to dig them out. I'm Amber. I'm a decepticon. I'm the contact person for non members coming in from out of town.

let me know if theres anything i can do for you. let me know if you want suggestions for fun stuff to do or what hotels not to stay at, or who has the best/cheapest/most vegan food.

let me know who you are and if youre coming, and i will do my best to help you all out!



It was me. I wasn't really asking about who was coming and all of their personal details. I was just surprised that I hadn't yet seen one I'm-soooo-pumped-for-Kalamazoo-who-else-is-coming post since it was less than one week away. I'm not knocking your organizational skills at all. I already contacted you and asked about camping and then told you I found a hotel room instead.

Here's your "official" stuff if people need it.



Re: kalamazoo

Amber, I'm a non member and will be coming. Possibly with one other person. Do you know if anyone is planning on doing loaner peds? That's where the "possibly" comes in.

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