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Hey dudes, I recently bought some NOS Sachs stickers for my Columbia Commuter project (I couldn't find any Columbia stickers) and they are obviously pretty old and I am worried that they won't stick on the bike very well... does anyone know of some sort of mild adhesive I could use on the bike to get them to stick without bonding it permanently?

Putting them on is a ways off as I still have to prep and paint the frame but I want to have everything ready to go once I am done.

Re: Applying NOS stickers

Head up ! there are so old they are stick to the top sheet. you pull the bottom off , apply it and try to peel off the top sheep tearing decals. It happens to old decals. What you do is open up the phone book look under "sign shops". Most of them cut vinyl in house. They can copy the ones you have and sell the applying kit . Trust me it less headache ( 78 safari decal survivor)

Re: Applying NOS stickers

. . . and if you get custom vinyl stickers made, you can get columbia commuter ones. i have a buddy who makes really good ones, shoot me an email if you're interested.

Re: Applying NOS stickers

I would take one of those bottles of NOS energy drink and srtap it to the side of the ped and run a tube somewhere so it looks like its functional.

Re: Applying NOS stickers

spray adhesive the backing and then wait for it to tack then apply 3M #44 spray adhesive.

Re: Applying NOS stickers

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gorilla glue.. no need to say anymore

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