Who Makes Mopeds for sale Now (in US)

What moped brands do you KNOW of that are for sale NEW now in the US?

For mopeds... I only know of Tomos currently for sale new.

For scooters... Yamaha, Honda, Aprilia, Kimco.

What do you guys know of?

Re: Who Makes Mopeds for sale Now (in US)

Well, the pickings in the US are a bit skim. But Kinetic makes mopeds. So does Hero-Majestic (suppesedly formerly Puch). There's also Avanti, which resembles the older Italian models (Garelli, Motori, Bianchi, etc). There's also Zundap, at least on the West Coast. There's also a crazy looking thing called Cyclone (or something like that) and another one that's a Mosquito DX (but more of a 50cc mo-kick). The best, in my opinion (at least in looks) are Hero-Majestic and Avanti.

I'm sure there are other makers out there, but these are the only ones I know of. In other countries, there are TONS. I'm working on getting a 1999 or 2000 Piaggio Ciao into the US. Any ideas?

Re: Who Makes Mopeds for sale Now (in US)

derbi is currently making new scooters. the predator is a complete scooter deal but they also have "moped" models such as the revolution which have foot pegs rather than pedals i believe so they're not really mopeds. i've seen them onsale online at www.mopedworld.com. they're rather expensive though. derbi used to make regular mopeds with pedals (my first moped was a 1989 derbi variant sport which was a really nice moped it's just really hard to find parts for it anymore as derbi is only concerned with their new stock)


Re: Who Makes Mopeds for sale Now (in US)

piaggio also is thinking about bringing vespa or piaggio here soon, too.

Re: Who Makes Mopeds for sale Now (in US)

Derbi still makes mopeds (w/ pedals, not pegs) ... but I'm not sure if they're available in the US or not. Check out their website for a wide range of models.

Re: Who Makes Mopeds for sale Now (in US)

More of a motorized bicycle but still a classic, the Solex is available from SolexUS.com. It is not a reproduction, but a continuation of the original production.

After 8 million sold since its inception, the Solex is a proven design. Not fast, but sure and quite a conversation piece with that engine over the front wheel.



I didn't know that.

And I like that.. It brings back good and bad memories.

The first moped I ever rode was a Solex (probably '69').. I had a mini-bike with a lawn-mower engine in it, and my grandfather said he had a Solex that didn't work and I told him I might be able to fix it (at 12 years old).. I think he thought that was funny.

I took apart the 'carburetor' (about the size of a dog whistle) and it was gummed almost solid with stuff the consistency of thick vaseline.. cleaned it out.. ran great.. rode it to a friends house to show him..I was surprised it went 30 mph..

rode back for a 10 mile round trip..and called my Grandfather and told him I fixed it and he could pick it up..DOH!.. he came over and I think he was embarassed that a 12 year old fixed something that he didn't figure out.. and he loaded it up and took it.. I don't think he even wanted it.. and I probably could have kept it if I had asked to.

I would say it performed as good as my now modified Honda PA50 30 years later.

With probably a better chassis tires and suspension.

Re: Solexes

And they haven't changed much since either. The new ones look like the last of the 3800s that were produced.

I got one, now I have two. An original French 3800, and the "Americanized" 4600 from 1977. They are in a class of their own. Definitely not fast or sophistcated, but truly an icon of moped development.

If you want to see more on them you can go to the Solex Owners of America Club on Yahoo. There is alot of good information there.

Jim C.


how fast do mopeds go

Re: fast

Ron Brown /


In the US, about 25mph in stock condition.


Re: fast

Hi Ron,

In the Netherlands the speed limit is 45km. an hour;

not much different. than in the U.S.

This is a foto of my 1968 cd50 prcject bike. Not much stock left, it's mostly conceived of motorbike parts! 85 km. is top speed on this one.

keep it the road,


Ron Brown wrote:


> Richard,


> In the US, about 25mph in stock condition.


> Ron


Re: fast

most mopeds do go 25-30mph stock. some a bit less (if not properly cleaned/tuned). but you can always mod them out to go faster. mine hits about 40mph. a few other decepticon bikes do the same.

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