Scooters in The Manhattan Project

Anybody here ever see The Manhattan Project? It's a 1986 film about a kid who makes an atomic bomb. It stars John Lithgow, Cynthia Nixon, and Robert Sean Leonard. The main kid hasn't been in much else, though I remember him from the awesome MacGyver two-parter, "Good Knight MacGyver".

Anyway, it's supposed to take place in Ithaca, NY and is actually filmed in Suffern, NY, just over the NJ border. There are a couple shots near the end of the film with kids leading a parade of cars on their scooters.

Can anyone name the featured bike? I could only get close-ups on the blue one in the front.

Right after those first three shots of the scooter the film cuts to them going over a little jump, where they spontaneously change into motorcross cycles (bottom-right pic).


Re: Scooters in The Manhattan Project

And just a guess, but some parts look really similar to a Honda Express I have; it's definetely not a 1980.

Re: Scooters in The Manhattan Project

yeah, totally honda urban express. i love the magic tranformation to dirt bikes.

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