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Tyrone Biggumss /

ok well i was looking at killswitches and i was wondering, can you put like 10 kill switches on a ped?

wouldnt it be insane in this instance "guy comes up tries to steal my ped sees one kill switch bams hits that off, tries to start up and is like WTF!, finds number 2 hits it tries again and screams wtf again, by the time he finds them all ill be right next to him with a baseball bat.

than again.. weve had like 2 mopeds stolen in the history of here

Any feedback on having more than one kill switch though?

Re: kill switch help

i usually try to make my bikes look less cluttered with wires. but its whatever man.

if you do it right i guess it would work, but it would still be stupid as fuck.

Re: kill switch help

Tyrone Biggumss /

hey brian/jake.. no

it would be bad ass and a half because it would be unstealable.

you put one kill switch inside a lockbox thats taped into the fame so its iimpossible to steal

Re: kill switch help

If there was a killswitch on a bike I was trying to steal, I would just shrug and throw it in the back of my pickup.

Just kidding.

But seriously, what's the sense in a killswitch when mopeds are so easily transported? Worry about a lock.

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