Moped Laws For Missouri???

Hi, just contacted both the missouri dmv and my county dmv about moped laws for missouri, and so far, haven't gotten all the information I need.

They said, since it's under 50cc, can't go above 30mph, and has less than 3hp it doesn't need to be registered or titled.

But my moped (2002 tomos targa lx) doesn't have turn signals on it, and currently the headlight and tail light are a bit messed up. So I asked them if they needed turn signals, headlights, and tail lights on it and they said they weren't so sure, and that to make sure it is roadworthy I would have to get an inspection.

I contacted dobbs, and they told me I would have to go to a motorcycle shop to get an inspection since they deal with these weird cases.

Does anyone know off hand if I need turn signals (most important part of my question is regarding turn signals), head lights, or tail lights to drive it on the road??? I just don't want to get a ticket. Thanks a bunch.

Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

I'm kinda thinkin' that in Missouri, that all mopeds (especially 50's and 60's ones) must all be shipped up to Montana. Just something to consider.


Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

hey man

to qualify as a moped in missouri you need these

1. auto tranny

2. 2hp max

3. 30mph max

4. pedals (they have since omitted this one)

if you qualify as a moped these are the rules

1. no helmet required

2. no license tags required

3. no insurance required

4. working brakelight/taillight and headlight

some caveats

cops don*t know moped laws.

always carry the missouri drivers handbook with you.

there are 2 pages on mopeds in there and if you get

pulled over you whip this out and nicely point out

the requirements to the cops


Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

NO, make THEM look it up... asses!

Educate them.

Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Deezy, don't steal my pedz. :(

And Amodo, do you ever make it into the city? We meet every Sunday at noon in Benton Park (near Soulard). The next two weeks will be weird, because some of us are going to the rally in Kalamazoo, and the next weekend we'll either be meeting at a different place, or not meeting at all. But in 3 weeks we'll be back on schedule.

Check out our website: It's still under construction, but we've got forums and a blog. woohoo!

Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

You can have them. Like I said; I don't need them.

"Watch this as I go get them and let them rust in my yard":

Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

Thanks for the info guys, now I need to fix my brakelight (taillight lights up, but when I hit the brakes, no extra light goes on... meaning, I guess I have to fix that to make it street legal? ). But I'm glad I don't need to get turn signals, that would be annoying to put on (since I don't know much about those).

And as far as Benton Park, I'd love to ride with you guys sometime, but I'll have to wait until my ped is street legal I guess, since the taillight works, but the brake light doesn't. Boo

Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

i think you can get away with no brake light as long as you use your hand signals.

Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

hmmmmm, but is it legal to use hand signals for stopping instead of using my brake light?

Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

when i lived in missouri, my neighbor drove his car for years without a brake light, using hand signals instead.

i don't know, though. i haven't lived there in years.

Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

Does anyone know if it needs to be inspected prior to driving it (the dmv had mentioned having an inspection certfies that its roadworthy)?

Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

Nope, no inspections. Just get it running and get on the road. My maxi actually doesn't have a brake light, just a tail light right now. I need to replace that bulb, and I imagine yours will be just as easy of a fix.

But really, in the city half our riders don't have tail lights at all and we don't get hassled. City cops don't care about mopeds. They've got real crime to worry about. But out in Chesterfield you might want to have everything in tip top shape so they don't bother you.

Me and another guy rode from Soulard to Chesterfield in January. It was 12 degrees outside, and it took almost 3 hours. It was actually a lot more fun than it sounds. haha

Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

SWEEEET!!! ok cool, I'm going to just fix up my headlight and taillight to make sure they're cool (to have one on, the other must go off, it's messed up wiring I guess). Then I'll try to get on the road again sometime next week. Thanks guys, helped me out a lot

Re: Moped Laws For Missouri???

No title. Motorized bicycle. Signals not required, can use hand signals. Headlight required. Chopper guys can and do use hand signals. 30 mph, <50cc, < (thought) 2 bhp. REALLY technically, no helmet required b/c not a motorcycle, but not worth the ticket.

Go to the MO DMV website, print off the statue on Motorized Bicycles, and carry it with you. That's what Jeff. City told me after a local po po SERGEANT demonstrated his ignorance of the laws by telling me I needed plates and issued me a warning.

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