Kzoo BBQ?

i live in ann arbor and i'm pretty damn sure i'm not going to have my moped going well by this weekend nor do i have a way of getting it out there.

so, the question is if i should just drive out with some friends to hang out or am i just going to get left standing around with nothing to do if i don't have my ride?

i've never been out to it so i'm hoping i can just hang around, drink some beer, and have my moped running beautifully in time for maybe ghost ride and definitely red october. good idea?

Re: Kzoo BBQ?

you can contact someone about a loaner bike. I'm not sure how many are available at this point. You might have fun without a moped, but there are quite a few rides that you'll miss out on.. i personally wouldn't go to a rally without a bike... but do you what you want.

Re: Kzoo BBQ?

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

Shoot Chad Burke an email. In the past he has charged like $20 for the weekend for a loaner. Part of it is a deposit incase you thrash his bike and the other part covers the gas he had in the bike and registration and what not. If you get your ped running shoot Chris S. of the guns an email if you need transportation. I think he has one spot left in his van and he is only charging like $5 to haul or something. Shoot me an email if you have any other questions.

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