First ped: Kreidler Flory

Hey, just yesterday I got my first moped. An orange Kreidler, it runs but has a little rust and a leak that is being held off using inner-tube but nothing I can't fix (knock on wood). Just wondering if anyone had any experience with these? I did a search and it looks like parts are a little hard to find but I could do some modifying parts to get a new exhaust and stuff on.

I found this website but can't tell if the parts would fit on my moped.

Re: First ped: Kreidler Flory

kriedlers are sweet peds, but pretty hard to find parts for. will have most stuff, but is WAY expensive especially with shipping. I hear marks motorsports in Enfield, CT has some stuff so i'd look them up.

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Ryan Kingkade /

I love my Kreidler! The orange DEF rocks! Finding parts can be tricky, but I have been finding out theres a lot you can get right here in the US. I have found everything from a petcock (1977) to Tires (virtually anywhere) right here on the NET! Just look around. Half the fun of owning a Kreidler is digging around for stuff! If you need any help let me know. I have compiled a list of sites and info I use when looking for information/parts.



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Hey, you have rust causing a leak in you gas tank? If that is true, then you are in luck - I have an orange flory tank that is in OK shape. Let me know if you are interested.

Re: First ped: Kreidler Flory

hey, I have a kriedler mp-19. would you mind ending me that list?


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Hey Ryan - I am interested in those sites if you will share, and Martin - I might want that tank. When I had it sitting in place there was gas leaking but I think it was out of the carb, atleast that is what the dude said. He also said if I just clean the carb that wont happen. Thoughts?

Re: First ped: Kreidler Flory

If you have a bing carb, then thats probably about right... they tend to leak a little. Also, sometimes petcocks leak. Just look for the highest point of oil deposits and there it is. My tank may not be any better than what you have...

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