Ron Brown .. you out there ?

How are you doing ? .. You OK ?

Too busy ?.. Tired of the repititive questions ?

Trapped under a MotoBecane ?

You know going AWOL is a court-martialable offense ?

You could be real sorry for this Seargeant Brown !


(riding to da BBQ agin ?)

Re: Ron Brown .. you out there ?

Yeah, I was wondering how Ron was as well. I told my wife, if I ever got 'cleaned out' while riding my moped (or for any unexpected reason) that she should post and let you kids know I was worm food.

Not that Ron is dead-- that's a ghastly idea. Although we ARE a pretty close group, when it comes right down to it. Mysterious dissapearances can be unnerving.

Don was posting about all these terrible accidents he was having, and almost having, then he stopped posting... freaky... good it was a blocked site on some server filter.

Ree's had a lot of bad luck.. and now and then he just stops posting for a month or so... kinda makes you wonder.

Anyway, ride safe, and while you're riding keep an eye out for Ron, in case he's pushing a bike w/a flat tire or something.

Re: Ron Brown .. you out there ?

? ! ? ! ? ! ?

Re: Ron Brown .. you out there ?

again ^

Re: Ron Brown .. you out there ?

Ron Brown /


Don't pay the ransom, I escaped!

Sorry about being AWOL. I have had so much to do, this is the first time I have visited the site in weeks.

I just began to contemplate riding to the bbq and have not tried to get any other riders yet. I found this message by searching for BBQ to see if anyone else is riding. I see Ree can't and did not see any mention of you riding.

If anyone is riding from this area (I96/M52) or thereabouts, or would like the use of one of my peds to do it, I will ride a ped to the BBQ. Otherwise, I think I may ride my motorcycle just to enjoy the ride and make it back the same day.

Change of plans - Yer ON !!

Reeperette /

I Just managed to rearrange our schedules so I met certain social commitments today, ergo - Monday is free.

And Imma bet, was gonna drive the car since my girl has forbade me from riding the trike to Kzoo in it's unfinished condition.

So, yer on, we'll do a re-run, sure.

Gimme a scream on the telephone (check yer Email).



Reeperette /

If you can make it, we'd like to have ya.

MI Brewing Company (I96/M52 area) - 8:00am tomorrow.

It'd rock to have all three of us, if ya have somethin runnin well enough to do it.


Re: YO FRED !!

awwww carp ...

... I aint gonna be able to ... can't be gone for two days now.

I had been planning on riding the PA for the last month or 2 .. the whole 145 miles .. it was running so good ..

... but of course the re-used circlip came out and messed that up ... I probably still would have made it .. but check this out .. my bore guy took off for Ireland last Monday .. said his wife was gonna kill him if they didn't spend some 'quality time' together.

... so I missed it again .. I've been talking to some of you guys for two years now .. I will make it next time if I can.

Hopefully you guys will be going then.

Re: Ron Brown .. you out there ?

awesome! we in kzoo were actually wondering about you (ron) and hoping nothing bad had happened. that's great that you and ree will make it again.

we just saw the moped army documentary movie. there are some scenes of ree and ron in it from the last bbq. the guys that made it did an amazing job. they're going to enter it into some film festivals.

well, tomorrow is the big day. hope to see some familiar (and new) faces. cheers!

Well, maybe next time.

Reeperette /

Lets see what we can do for this spring, I think the fastest mopeds there topped at about 45-ish....

And I was like "yeah, just wait till Fred gets here and 'Team Honda' mops the floor with your ass...."

At worst, the trike will be fully assembled and running well by then, at best, it'll be able to hang with mosta the 'monster' bikes due to the gearing mods I will be doing.

Oh yah, and wouldja believe it ? not ONE Tomos was there...gotta bring mine next time, represent 'the cause" yannow ?

Prolly all tearing em apart to clean those &%#$@%#$ carbs, more than likely..


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