First moped, Targa. Few questions.

I got my first Moped, well, a noped. A Targa. $200 bucks, with a helmet. There were about 30 of the Targas for sale, a total of five were running. They ranged from 300 miles to 20,000 miles. Out of the five that ran, the one I got ran the best. Didn't stall, started right back up first kick. It running was a big condition, seeing as I had to ride it to get it back home. If that weren't the case, I would have gone with a lower mileage one. Mine has 10,5xx miles on it. No lights work, which is an easy fix. Brakes work, runs alright (some oil coming out of the exhaust right now).

I rode it around backroads near my house for a good hour or so today. Top speed on flat road was just under 30 (according to the speedo, which I don't completely trust.) Uphill was an average of 15 mph on fairly steep hills, I got it up to 35 down a steep hill. Not bad. Shifting feels alright (No basis for comparison, though). It shifts, without any clunking or anything.

All in all, I don't think it was a bad deal. Here are my plans right now: CLEAN EVERYTHING!! I'm taking it apart and cleaning the crap out of it. Carb, exhaust, etc. Any suggestions or tips? I could use some guidance! I'm also going to be completely rewiring all of the lights and horn (horn works, BTW! Score!) and connecting them to a 12v 7.4 Ah battery that for now I will charge via a plug, but soon will be solar charged. The existing wiring has been chopped to hell, taped, etc. It can all go.

On a bike this old (maybe you can tell me the year, I have no idea), what would you suggest? I don't know if I'm going to go with a displacement kit. But definitely a new Chain, sprockets, maybe exhaust. New plug, wire, upjet a little. Clean out the carb, etc.

Here's my questions:

What size chain should I get?

What would you suggest for front and rear sprockets?

What kind of spark plug would you suggest?


Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

Looks like a mid-late 90's targa. Ifn you want a good cheap pipe, go with the biturbo. Its like 70 bucks or so and gave me about an extry 3-5 mph. As far as sprockets go, if you want a pulling sprocket, get a pulling sprocket, if you want more top end, get a speed sprocket. As far as a plug goes, NGK all the way. Off the top of my head, the spark plug number is b sumthingsumthing hs br6hs? don't quote me on that. Your stock cahin is fine, just oil it, theres a wax based lube, I can't recall the name right now, but everyone here says its statutory. I get by fine with walmart chainsaw lube, or even motoroil will work. So long as its not so rusted that the links have seized together and wont flex correctly, a performance chain is like the last thing you need. One word of advice, you might want to remove and or disable your oil injection. A lot of the folks here say that they are just a ticking time bomb, waiting to destroy your engine when they stop working. If you don't its a good idea to always add a little oil to your gas, as its my philosophy that a little to rich is always better than excessive engine wear.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

due that is a 97 targa my girlfriend has the same thing , color and all. to awnser some of your questions just take your spkrkplug to any auto parts store and pick up a four pack if you can and also if you got oil injected get rid of it. but yes clean the carb like 4 times and the exuast and check all the bulbs stock up on them to i found out the hard way. and just don't get angry if shit breks cuz it will but tom os are so fricken easy and fun to work on have fun with it hey i see mass plates where abouts on mass are ya ? i grew upin mass

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

Mick - The chain is pretty rusty. I'll soak it in oil overnight and see how it does, though.

How would I go about disabling the premix? The oil is located under the seat, btw.

Thanks for the help!

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

If your engine's running well go with the same spark plug.

The little booklet I got with my 2001 targa LX says .5 gap, but the website service and repair manual says .8, and mine does better with the .8 - not so many misses on cold, wet days.

A real secret with the A35 engine and standard exhaust is the

small diameter tube hiding ahead of the baffle tube. It's hard to see unless you do something like (first take the baffle tube out) hold the open end of your exhaust at an angle to the sun, and look in. You'll see the sneaky little devil tube which can plug up stop your power and make you think your connecting rod bearing is seizing or something like that. I reamed mine with a coat hanger wire. Fuel filters, especially the round on on the carb, can gum up easily too.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

Oil's Not For Smoking /

And there's absolutely no reason to disable your oil pump .. they're reliable (10,000 miles on mine with zero problem) as long as you don't allow your oil tank to empty. I need to refill my oil tank at about the fourth refill (almost five hundred miles because I'm in Canada with larger gallons) sometimes the fifth .. but I try not to let it go under the half just to be safe. Reasons not to disable your pump are many, including oil going through your fuel filters and carb when it doesn't have to, mistakes in mixing your fuel, potential for spills in mixing, and dirt getting into your fuel during mixing.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

Your bike is the exception, not the rule. Keep in mind that a guy in the US put almost 100,000 trouble free miles on a Renault Le Car. Build 1000s of a bad system and some are bound to work great.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

It's an A35, one of the best engines ever made. Lasts forever, and is easy to work on, with plenty of stock and aftermarket parts available. With the possible exception of the Puch E50, it's the most well known moped engine ever made. If the chain is really bad, replace it, they are not expensive, you don't want it to break and get caught in the rear wheel. And definitly get rid of the oil injection and premix 40:1. Remove the tank, remove the left side engine cover with one screw, pull the lines off the pump, remove the pump, now remove the left side (flywheel cover) and remove the rest of the lines and the metal plate. Make sure you reinstall the little rubber block with the 2 holes in it that the lines went through, reinstall the flywheel cover, and the plastic cover with one screw. Pull the line off the injector on the manifold, and cap it with a 1/8" vacuum cap avaible at any auto parts store. Plug the 2 holes in the rubber block with something, to keep water out. You can just take a short piece of the old oil line, and stick one end of it in each hole. You will no longer have to worry about serious engine damage due to the oil injection failing, as MOST of them do eventually. Actually, most of them fail WAY before 10,000 miles. Both mine were defective in the crate, but the damage was hidden behind the flywheel cover. As I've said before, Tomos builds a great moped, then installs a built in self destruct mechanism. Doesn't make sense to me. Peace. Jerry.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

i had a targa that I found the aluminum(round drive) key for the pump was stripping, of course bypassed it and now know Ill always have oil. Never heard of one lasting so long before.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

Learned Something Valuable /

If you're going to premix Tomos calls for 50:1, and not 40:1.

Synthetic oil is advertised as eliminating carbon buildup and oil in the exhaust.

I'd have to hear from a lot more first hand accounts before I'd believe the A35 oil injector is failure prone. It's just too simple a mechanism for failure. The little 'clutch' connector does wear, but they're easily replaceable at next to nothing for cost. Personally, I suspect the oil problem is mostly riders forgetting to fill their reservoir .. and then perhaps not bleeding their pump when they refill an empty. Damage is another problem, but the pump is so well protected it would take a sledgehammer to get through its cover.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

Yeah, I let a friend drive my bike while I was away for a week. Anyway, I forgot to refill the oil tank before I left. He put like 300km on it in a like 9 days. When I got back it was bone fucking dry. I was like Oh MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! So I immediately added oil to the gas and the oil tank, so it was running about 20-25to one for a tank. No worse for wear it seems, but I think I got lucky.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

Oh boy, you asked for it, here it is. Do a search. Go back several years. That little cover is made of plastic, and held on with one screw, and a plastic tab that is prone to breaking off. And it's not usually the pump or even the pump drive that fails any way. On mine (2 brand new STs, an '03 and an '05), the clear plastic oil lines (or should I call them fish tank lines?) behind the flywheel cover (the actual metal cover over the flywheel, that the pump mounts to, not the plastic pump cover) were bady kinked and crushed, preventing any oil from getting to the pump. The line connections at the tank, pump, and injector were so loose they fell off when I touched them. The one at the tank was leaking on the '03, and had somehow gotten air bubbles in it. (I removed the system on the '05 before any oil was ever put in it) The tank vents in the cap have been known to come from the factory plugged, or nonexistant. The tank cap is easy to crossthread, which chews up the soft plastic threads on the tank and in the cap. the cap gasket has a habit of falling off, sometimes down in the tank, and most people lose the little screen in the tank filler, allowing dirt to get into the system. There is a ball check valve in the injector itself, it's very tiny, and easily plugged up with the tiniest particle of dirt. It can also get plugged up from congealed oil if it sits to long without being run. The bottom of the seat on the ST is about 1/4" from the top of the cap, and if a heavier rider ( I weigh 200 lbs.) were to sit on the seat, they could easily bend the soft plastic seat base down against the cap, blocking the vent. And while not likely, the pump and pump drive have also been known to fail. With all that, are you really sure you want to risk your engine on this system? Not me. No way. And I know everybody else is tired of hearing this, but I am a professional auto, diesel, and heavy equipment mechanic, with 31 years of experience, and am ASE certified in everything. I work on police cars, I work on fire equipment, backhoes, and even a D9 Cat (high drive). I am an amateur drag racer on a budget, and have an enviable record for someone with my budget. I have built several racing engines, all small block Chevys, except for one Chevy 4.3 V6, and have never had a catastrophic failure with any of them. I know junk when I see it, and the Tomos oil injection system is junk. You have been extremely lucky, but I wouldn't count on your luck holding out forever. There are 100 horror stories for ever claim that someone has never had any problems with one of these systems. I'm not asking you to believe just me, like I said, do a search and go way back. There is one thread a few years ago in which even Tomos admits the system is no good, and challenges everyone to find them a better system. I don't know why they simply don't get rid of it. Most people who buy a Tomos with one of these systems gets rid of it right away anyway. A decent system would make the bikes to expensive, and it's not like premixing is such a big deal, at least not for me. If you intend to keep your system, I wish you the best of luck, you are certainly going to need it. Peace. Jerry.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

And, forgive me if this is just ignorant, but couldn't you just put premix in both your gas tank and your oil tank? I'm no expert, but it seems to me that the engine still gets the same amount of oil and gas, and if you want to resell it, it still has the pump intact.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

Probably, I don't know if premix has enough oil in it to lubricate the pump. The simplist way to do it, if you want to leave the system intact, is to remove the plastic one screw cover, remove both lines from the pump, and plug them, then remove the pump, put it in a ziplock bag, and put it away, then reinstall the plastic cover. It would be easy enough to put the pump back ( 2 screws) and reconnect the oil lines. But I would never sell a moped to someone with that system on it, they would probably come back after me and say I sold them a defective moped, and try to sue me. The '05 that I removed the entire system from, put about 4,000 miles on, then traded for an '08 Sprint, didn't bother the dealer a bit. I got a really good deal on it. The dealer knows as well as I do that the system is no good, but what are they supposed to tell customers? That they are buying something that isn't any good? I would expect to see a system like this on a Chinese scooter, but not on a Tomos. Decent oil injection systems do exist. The one on a late model Yamaha Zuma (2 stroke scooter) is one of, if not the best one made. I would never even think about removing one of those. They are well engineered, extremely well built, and use high quality components. Comparing these systems is like comparing a Mercedes to a Yugo. Wait as minuite, I just remembered, I like Yugos. Make that a Renault Alliance. Peace. Jerry.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

my Tomos ran ten times better once i switched to premix.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

it sounds to me like if you go through and tie up all the loose ends in the system and take care of it it would work fine...? Any reason why it wouldn't work if you made sure all the hoses were in good shape and well attached, didn't lose the filter on the tank, kept it full, and checked in on it every once in a while to make sure nothing got plugged up? I bought one of these targas from martha's vineyard as well and they had a pile of like 20-30 and every one that he pulled out of the pile started up and ran right away and all of them had made it like 5k-10k miles using the oil injection system. We started up like 8 of them trying to decided which ran best (4 of us were buying them) so I guess that's 8 more arguments for the system working just fine.

Re: First moped, Targa. Few questions.

All the rental places keep the systems on, so the renter can put straight gas in them. But they constantly check, maintain and repair these systems, to a degree that no average owner would. (premixing would be much easier than the maintenance/repairs they have to do to these systems.) Don't expect it to keep working if you don't maintain/repair it the way they do. And just because the engine keeps running doesn't mean the system is "working properly". I suspect that the average life of a Tomos engine is a lot longer when the fuel is premixed at 40:1, than it would be using their injection system, even if it does seem to be "working". My local dealer also rents Tomos mopeds, and those systems just give them fits. I am on very good terms with this dealer, they even let me assemble the first moped I bought from them myself, in their shop, with their tools. They know what my profession is, and they tell me more than they would your average customer. They hate the systems. But like I said, they have to be on there so the customer can just put regular gas in them. You can't expect a rental customer to know how to premix, they are not mopeders, they are just tourists. And I'll bet Marthas Vineyard sure is glad to get rid of all those mopeds. after all, MOPEDS KILL!!! Peace. Jerry.

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