Anybody have Motorwest's Number?

I've been waiting for a call from them since February (I'm not complaining about the wait, it's not as if there is a real demand for these obscure parts) and was going to check in with them on a piston for my Sabre but their website has been down for a while and I don't have their phone number.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Anybody have Motorwest's Number?

Interesting, I've been having trouble getting a hold of them also. I was in email communication with Matt several weeks ago and now I just want to pay for my order and get it shipped out. I haven't been able to get through on the phone (always busy) and my emails have gone unanswered. I hope everything is OK. Anyway, website works and here's the info.

Our address is:

3211 W. Senator Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53216

USA 43.076012 -87.953998

Phone: 414-875-8787

Fax: 414-875-8791


Anybody have Motorwest's Number?

Also, in the emails I had with Matt, he was going through some personal issues and was trying to find someone to take phone orders at the shop. He was a bit overwhelmed but then I never heard from him again.

Re: Anybody have Motorwest's Number?

Ugh, I was afraid of that. The website being down didn't bode too well. I hope things work out for them. Thanks Bry!

Re: Anybody have Motorwest's Number?

Yeah, something ain't right. Just for kicks, I just tried to call the shop and got a busy signal. Damn, I have 5 bikes all waiting on parts from him. Wow, I just realized that I'm kinda screwed!

Re: Anybody have Motorwest's Number?

Hmmm I do know Cynthia got her tires from there.. I think last week.

Re: Anybody have Motorwest's Number?

after k'zoo when i get some time, i'll drive over there and make sure everything is ok. busy as shit untill then, and its a fairly harrowing ride through the ghetto for me.

Re: Anybody have Motorwest's Number?

-Unholysmokers - Chad Ferguson /

A buddy of mine just had a bunch of stuff get messed up with them as well. It took a few e-mails and phone calls but they finally got it sorted out... Apparently there is a bad divorce going on and that is causing all the delays/drama.

Re: Anybody have Motorwest's Number?

That sucks.

Well I hope the best for Matt, AND my best connection to all the parts I need!

Re: Anybody have Motorwest's Number?

i just talked to matt 5 min ago. (3:15 pm, tues central time)

i ordered 4 tires, tubes, liners and 3 gaskets two weeks ago, and he was out of stock of tubes but the box arrived a week later, wed last week. i didnt open the box till sun night, and found i was missing a gasket

left a message yesterday and talked to him in person today, and he is getting out the gasket in an envelope.

he is going thru a divorce and has been losing up to 2 days in the office a week since dec 31.

he apologizes and says the best way to get a hold of him is via e-mail. i was lucky and got him on the phone.

wiffle, he said he has pistons in stock. i am not sure if they are the right ones.


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