question of safety

Hey folks,

This is my first post on these forums. For some reason I'm all of a sudden digging the mopeds. I think I'm obsessed!

One of the conditions that I have with getting a moped (or one of my wife's conditions) is that it is safe.

I was wondering if you could convince me one way or the other, and just for kicks you could tell some stories of "close calls."

I would really appreciate your help in figuring out if a moped is for me. Peace!

BTW, I'm from Grand Rapids, MI.

Re: question of safety

Close call:

trying to see if my rear brakes were strong enough to skid the rear tire, but forgetting that the brake levers are reversed from that of a bicycle... Went over the handlebars, moped went down on the right side (Puch luckily, didn't bang up the exhaust), had to get a new pedal and scraped up my hands a bit.

As far as safety, on two wheeled vehicles the usual thinking is wear decent protective gear, not for _if_ you crash, but for _when_ you crash.

Buy a moped, they're awesome. All your friends will probably laugh at you, but secretly they will be coveting your 100mpg as gas goes up and up and up. Then they will buy mopeds too, and join your crazy moped gang.

Re: question of safety

Nothing beats a moped....yet alway's drive on the defensive.

Re: question of safety

Tyrone Biggumss /

ha i did that with my ped... was going 40 and slammed on my brake flew atleast 15-20 feet ahead of my ped road rash fractured arm

Re: question of safety

Mopeds are only as safe as the rider.

Re: question of safety

I would imagine so, but what about other drivers on the rode?

Re: question of safety

cant really do much about them can ya.

Re: question of safety

The other drivers? They're all idiots, you are invisible

Re: question of safety

Try and make yourself visible and hope the cagers see you. It's really the best and only thing you can do and drive defensively. If you drive all crazy, then you're on your own.

I find that most drivers around here are happy to see a ped that can actually go faster than the 25 MPH limit (our state) Keeps the road rage down, a bit. I haven't figured out who came up with that dopey idea. All of the roads that I drive on to go to work on are no more than 45mph with the majority are 30 and 35. That is just about right for me. I can go with the flow and the police don't seem to care, but I'm never acting stupid.

But, there's always the day when the little old lady coming from the other way takes a left in front of you because she didn't see your bright yellow helmet and jacket and headlight.

As totally nerdy as it is, a flashing light on your helmet would be a good idea. I believe someone metioned that they have them too.

Re: question of safety

about the friends laughing at you it true untill they ride it and are like dude i need one... plus the whole gas milage thing its just awesome

as for safty dont be stupid watch for drivers its like a motorcycle just not as fast ... not even close haha which is why they are so bad a**!!

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