Globe Motor Scooter help

hello, does naybody out there know anything about motor scooters? i have a very old one from about 1950, made by the Globe Motor Scooter Co. from joliet Ill. maybe somebody can help out or show me the right place to go to. done searches on the web and noting. i even wrote to the joliet historical group in joliet and they looked into the company and said they have record of it being there but nobody seems to know what happened to it or when. I once did talk to a guy out east a few years ago and he knew of them but since have lost his name. PLease any help thanks

Re: Globe Motor Scooter help

dude you have it post a pic of it the american scoots of the 40s and 50s are so friggen cool

Re: Globe Motor Scooter help

yeah i got to see this and principles should be same as any other engine so should the wiring

Re: Globe Motor Scooter help

its going to be a Briggs & Stratton Tecumseh Clinton or Wissconsin could be a Kohler but i never seen one a scooter though

parts will be easy as hell to get for any of those engines and anything else can be bought at a minibike/gokart shop or website

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