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anybody baught one of those cheaper mopeds off off ebay? 2008 ROKETA MAUI SC-02? are they any good or is it a get waht you pay for? im very good at fixing repairing small engines or cars for that matter. but 800 seems a lot better than 2000. any input is appreciated.

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Well, it's not a moped for one, it's a scooter. They're Chinese and not usually very good. Parts can be very hard to get as well. Check out Tomos, the sprint can be had for around that price, it's an actual moped and excellent quality. Parts are abundant and they are way easier to work on as the engine is not buried under tons of plastic covers.

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Sprint is very simple, you also sit much higher and the larger wheels provide for better handling than squirrelly scooter wheels. The best part is that there are many Tomos dealers in the U.S. so you can get parts and service

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Tyrone Biggumss /

chinese scooters... such crapppppp

friend of mine bought one for 200 and when you ride it, its like riding on speedbumps the entire time

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Yup, parder, I agree. My Tomos took me 10,000 miles before its first slowdown from a dirty fuel filter .. 7,500 of those miles loaded with my 200 lbs plus 150 lbs of camping gear, tools, extra gas, etc. I put new piston rings in this winter even though I didn't have to, and the bike should do another 20,000 miles with little trouble. As Wiffle says, the Maui is not a moped, and neither are most two wheelers advertised as mopeds, and small (10: - 12") scooter wheels are dangerous in potholes whereas true moped wheels are normally 16" or larger. I'm not down on Chinese quality (they might get to Mars first) but better than Tomos quality is just not needed .. and the prices are cheap for what you get. My gears for nstance are still like brand new. Parts are not hard to get, but they are pricey, but they aren't needed very often either, and the bike is easy to work on.

The problem with Tomos is the owner not knowing enough, and information being sometimes hard to get, and sometimes wrong information on these forums, but there is good information here also. I had a major power problem which I finally solved by removing the baffle tube from the exhaust, and using coat hanger wire to ream out the small diameter tube which hides behind the baffle tube, and which can be hard to see through the open end of the muffler. Despite all my asking of many people I had to find this tube myself after much frustration and advice from others. Your most major problem with a carefully used Tomos will be dirty fuel filters, but they're easy to clean, as is the carburetor itself.

If you use a good synthetic oil at the manufacturer's recommended mixture 50:1, or using your oil injector you might never need to clean the muffler anyway. I rode my bike a lot in winter (10 below F) and the carbon and oil condensed easily in the muffler. The new A55 engine may have a problem with the oil pump 'clutch' or connection to the drive .. it's said to be rubber and may break down at 500 miles. But this suspicion is not solidly confirmed.

If you have problems with any bike the last person you want to ask for help is the person who sells parts, because he may have an honest heart and the best intentions, but his business of selling parts may subconsciously overcome his desire to give free advice.

The Tomos is a true moped .. a great machine .. a strong and well engineered little marvel. Take care of a new one and you should have the same one for life.

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In that price range, Tomos Sprint is the ONLY way to go. If you want a decent quality scooter, you're going to have to spend way more than that.

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Tyrone Biggumss /

or just buy a used moped for like 800ish in decent shape

i bought my tomos streetmate with 300 miles for 400 :)

and my lx with 105 miles for 300

craiglist some stuff or ask around you can usaully find cheap well kept mopeds for a good price

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800$ for a moped it better fly at that price or at least be mint which i don't deal with cuz o money

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