spokes versus cast wheels

On my long trip I did some cowboying across a grassy rise and my mini umbrella bounced into the back wheel where it chewed up my cast spokes but did no real damage. If the spokes had been wire spokes I would have had to respoke or replace the wheel. I'll never buy wire spokes, but I'll always be a cowboy. I also 'neighed' to a stallion with filly on the prairies and the stallion raced me for about a quarter mile until I slowed because I didn't want him to take a chance of running into a fence. I also unintentionally stampeded a herd of horses as well as a herd of cattle who obviously thought they had met more than their match in a Tomos Targa LX. That was some swell ride across Big Sky Country, pardner.

Re: spokes versus cast wheels

Big Sky Country? Were you in Montana, and didn't stop in to say hi?

Re: spokes versus cast wheels

Cowpoke Bob /

Nope - I was up north from Monatana .. in Canada's prairies,

and then across our mountains to the Pacific.

Re: spokes versus cast wheels

even though cast wheels seem to be more sought-after, i prefer the look of spoked wheels on just about any bike.

Re: spokes versus cast wheels

I don't know what i'm talking about here, so maybe someone will jump in.

But how does one true a mag wheel? Is it even possible? Spoke wheels you can at least sit down in your garage and waste a couple hours repairing, but a mag? wouldn't you have to send that off?

what about tuning the bearings?

The of course there's always the problem in finding another mag if you bust one.

Re: spokes versus cast wheels


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