fuel gauge?!?!?1

Tyrone Biggumss /

its midnight and my moped is locked away and i jsut realized i never checked if i had a fuel gauge...

ive searched the web but havent found anything about if tomos streetmates have fuel gauges or not, can someone give me a yes or no on this?

Re: fuel gauge?!?!?1

no moped does that i know of

Re: fuel gauge?!?!?1

To check fuel level:

1. Open gas cap

2. Look into tank

3. Close gas cap

repeat as necessary.

Re: fuel gauge?!?!?1

And do not use a cigarette lighter to see inside the tank. Actually, I'm not sure if you can see inside the tank or not. I think the filler is located some distance from the tank. And I hope you know about the burp button. Also, the Streetmate has a very small tank, which limits range. I don't own one, so I don't know what the range is, but I have heard a lot of complaining about it.

Re: fuel gauge?!?!?1

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

A suzuki FA50 is the only thing I've seen with a fuel gauge. It has an oil gauge too for the oil injector tank. Pretty damn cool.

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