What can happen to a PA50 motor

This is a pic of a PA50 motor for sale on ebay.

<img src=" http://ebay0.ipixmedia.com/abc/M28/_EBAY_ce6f5e1540308528ea42a1e00c57f5c1/i-1.JPG"> ;

It broke the left end of its crankshaft off.

Thats what my original PA motor did several years ago.

The left end of the crank is pretty small and sticks out almost 4" .. maybe 5/8ths inch diameter.

.. and it has the pretty heavy starter clutch and variator on it.

I think if you rev them too high too often ... thats what happens.

(the motor still runs .... till you shut it off)

Re: What can happen to a PA50 motor

david f martin /

Would it be worth buying? Seems like the crank could be pretty expensive/labor intensive to replace...


Re: What can happen to a PA50 motor

I guess that would depend on what somebody needed .. how much it cost (including shipping) .. and how much of a risk they wanted to take on there being anything worth salvaging .. (who knows what condition the rest of it is in?).

It's always a gamble .. plan for the worst and you won't be disappointed.

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