portland, portland, portland.

not sure where to fit this since it covers sales and repair and... eh... generalization.

shaun wants to sell his moby 50v. i don't think he really caught the moped bug, plus we need money desperately to get a house. problem is something's wrong with it (a flywheel/clutch problem) that i can't diagnose and thusly fix. so i need help, because not knowing what's wrong prevents me from gaining any real knowledge on the repair forum... i need face-to-face assistance.

sooo if anyone might want to stop by and help me one day... i can feed you. and if anyone wants to buy it that'd be spiffy.


Re: portland, portland, portland.

also off topic: i wish someone told me gas eats through some plastics so i wouldn't have had to deal with gasoline all over my floor.


Re: portland, portland, portland.

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

you have plastic floors?

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no i tried filling gas into a plastic cup and the bottom melted away and gas spilled everywhere.

and my floors are concrete. hooboy.

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dont use styrofoam either.

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If I were near, I'd do it in a heartbeat, just for a few pounds of tastey lobster!

Oh, and some plastic cups won't hold gasoline.... Thought I'd tell ya.

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yeah, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, if you want to get someone addicted to mopeds, get them something super reliable first, then let them get some old thing to work on and fix up. Some expensive thing that never works will never be something that someone loves.

also, I've posted this to the puddle cutters forum, hopefully one of them has some money.

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I can take a look when I pick up that pipe from you. I'll have some free time tomorrow.

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i think this is yours actually. we got it from a guy in eugene who got it from you.


and i'm free after 1pm-ish. send me a emaily.

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Zane, come ride with us!.. also I have your friend andy's moped in my yard. It's been here for over 6 months. Does that make it mine?

Also, I just got a free 50V or I would be all over this.

Come ride with us, Zane! yay, summer!

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you people...

free 50v? what the hell. WHAT THE HELL?

well i just want to get it working, because then we could sell it easier via craigslist. and probably for more too, you cheap asses. ohoho i kid because i love.

but in other news, HOLY SHIT my frame's done and painted. i'm picking it up tomorrow and taking it home via BUS! ALRIGHT! then i need to put it together.

problem is i bought new points for it and i can't get the stupid flywheel off. (the bolt's off but the thing itself doesn't want to budge.)

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i've had that same plastic cup thing happen to me last year, also on a concrete floor. phooey!

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asking someone else to fix your moped because you want to get more money for it = lame.

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i are asking for opinyuns.

i have 0 problem with doing work myself, just i don't know what work i need to be doing. can't fix what you don't know is broken.


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You have a flywheel puller?

Re: portland, portland, portland.

just bought one. SHAZAM!

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