Angel I respect you!!!

Lol, Hey thanks for coming out and sharing your babies with me today. sorry it wasn't a bigger turn out but oh well. hopefully things run as smooth next time. I had a great time chillin with you i will catch you later hope you made it home alright... peace!

Re: Angel I respect you!!!

i had no idea there was a ride. or i would have been so there..

im bummed.. i was sitting around all day

Re: Angel I respect you!!!

when we got back to my apartment one of my neighbors was drunk and he kept telling angel over and over again about how much he respected her. it was really strange. oh well. Yeah i posted it last week. she was the only person that really responded. my girls tomos went out of commision about .25 miles into the ride. i had to go get the rav 4 load it up then drop it off and continue the ride. then we had a blast. it drizzled a lil, but it was an awesome day for the most part. angel flipped off a dude that yelled at us it was great.

Re: Angel I respect you!!!

Perfekt Timing Angel /

HHAhA Thanks for having me out dude! No worries about the turnout, sometimes the smaller 'rallies' are the best kind! How was yer girl feeling when you got home? I hope she's not too sore (tell her I think she took that wipeout like a champ). Plus the weather was warm, and ripping across William's lake(?) was awesome. Want more!

Glad the mopeds handled well despite their quirks. I need to get scooby snacks for them and train them to accept other people beside me lol!

PS, Your neighbor was awesome LOL! I liked that his hat said Navy.

DREWWWWWWWWWWWw!! Let's get everyone together soon! Aaron, you had better come out for the next Road Apple ride!

Thanks gain dude! I had fun!

Re: Angel I respect you!!!

hey angel! sorry i haven't been in contact, its 4:30 and I just got home from work (I wa there when you called earlier) If you dont hear from my by 2 or 3pm sunday call me again!!

Re: Angel I respect you!!!

nah she isn't too sore at all. the scratches are barley visable.i think she let her shest and stomach take most of the slide. yeah thanks for coming out again. ireally enjoyed your company and your bikes as well. i thik you should let me give them a scooby snack so they aren't so shy around me.

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