Billing 2008 july 21/22 Sports moped weekend

Hi i wanted to put this in the events section so if any of you ped heads from across the water are in the uk you can attend.

on June 21/22 we are holding the 2nd billing moped event

it is the biggest event for mopeds in the uk and a great weekend.

the easiest way to see what i mean is to visit my site and look at last year event.

this is a free event put on by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

it also had a 4 page write up in classic motorcycle mechanics in december last year and the bike press will be there at this meet.

it really is the main event for us ped heads so if your over please drop by you will get a warm reception,

all the appropriate links are on my site and feel free to nose around you may find a few things that you like


Dave J


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