BAY AREA: golden gate bridge

so, monica and i rode to marin today on the peds... rode across on the bridge, and decided to try and skip the bridge toll back by pedaling on the bike side....

well, they have cameras obviously, so they saw us, and sent a po-po to tell us to go back and ride across (funny cause we shouldnt even be on the bridge technically) ... and monica made some stuff up, and he decided that we should WALK them across the bridge to appease his master.... most ridiculous thing ever... it was a long ass walk, its sooo stupid that we were told NOT to pedal, but alas, we didnt have to pay a fine, OR a toll...

just thought i'd share that with anyone that cares, or thought they cared when they clicked on the topic link...


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BryAn eurism /

Does it matter which side the flow's on? I idle/pedaled across the west side going back into the city & I thought I's gonna get rolled for sure. Nothing happened, except this militant bicycle dude shook his finger in my face as we passed. Course that was in '05 before Creaturemania hit full swing

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ooh sounds romantical. something going on between you and monica?

Re: BAY AREA: golden gate bridge

yeah, maybe we just got unlucky, i have a magnum, so its a little more suspicious pedaling a top-tank... dunno. the guy was definitely confused about us pedaling them...

and, haha. yes, monica is my girlfriend.

Re: BAY AREA: golden gate bridge

thats awesome you didn't want to pay 4 bucks! I think we should have a monday where we all ride over the bridge and pedal back.

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wow thats cheap i have never tried that, cuz of the hard core bikers, yo b_m lee told me how u just rode across in the bike lane a while back on ur trip, I think you could still do it if u went the flow of cycles.

those hardcore speed suit guys r nuts tho.

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I'd rather just pay....too much work just to get out of 4 bucks.

One time when we went on a ride, I pulled up to the toll lady, and she started giving me shit though, saying that I shouldn't be riding on the bridge, blah, blah , bike then dies on me and she just let me go without paying and I have to get off my bike and push start it.

A month later, I get a picture of me pushing my bike (LOL) and a $30 ticket for failure to pay the toll. Fuck that Bitch!

But then, I once got a ticket for J-walking, so I'm used to this sort of stuff happening to me.

Re: BAY AREA: golden gate bridge

How about riding all the way across the bridge, stopping just in front of the admin bldg, throw your bike up on the sidewalk, and then pedalling past the toll booths.

free toll

when two wheelers cross during rush hour on the GG, they consider you carpooling

Re: free toll

hey, its 5 bucks alright! :)

i actually didnt have any money on me anyways.

there are TONS of hardcore bikers on that side, EVERYYONE had a body suit thing on...its like another universe or something...

Re: free toll

no groms no blasters /

I recently read the Golden Gate Transit District's rules for mopeds on the bridge. They say you are supposed to pedal across in the bike lane with the engine off!

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