OT: Aliens!!

So apparently the uk is releasing all of their secret ufo files. Here is the new article talking about it. It also has a link where you can download all the files to your hardrive. I hope you alien freaks enjoy, i know i am. i really don't believe but i was fascinated as i kid. i want to believe i think.

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Michael Miehle /

What the hell did I just watch. Damn it Lindgren, I'll never get that 2 minutes 36 seconds back. It's gone forever. Did that crazy black pharo guy actually say "equationwise" I'm on dictionary.com right now and that is not only not a word but the dictionary says Equation should never be combined with Wise to creat a word as anyone hearing this conjuction will be in danger of suffering brain damage.

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"i want to believe i think." I believe the universe is full of life, but there is not one single shred of credible evidence that any of it has visited earth. But as an X-Files fan, I have a large "I want to believe" poster on my bedroom wall, just like the one Mulder had in his office.

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A few years ago, my daughter, wife, and I were all in my parents's hot tub. It's out on their back deck, and their house is in the forest.... very pretty area! Anyway, it was night, and we were just kickin back, when a huge green triangle shped thing went whizzing right over us... actually it made no sound that we heard.

It barely cleared the tree tops, and was moving faster than any jet could. About 15 to 20 minutes later, we saw at least 2 helicopters flying over with search lights sweeping. My daughter was 4 or 5 then, and she freaked out. She was scared out of her mind, and said that now there would be aliens coming out of the forest. I didn't even know she knew what an alien was. She was the first one to speak, as we just sat there, gawking.

I have the official UFO car.. the 1976 AMC Pacer. I also have this, being pilotted by some of our galaxie's finest.......

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