My first moped!

I just got a 1977 Newport Puch Moped and I'm thrilled...even if it doesn't run yet. Can anyone provide me with some info on this model; I know nothing about it, but looks good and I'm psyched to get it fixed up. I've been doing some web search, but can't seem to find the details specific to this model. Any help would be great!

Re: My first moped!

As far as repair info, it's the same as a standard maxi. The only difference on the 1977 newport models is paint color and the PUCH decals on the sides of the gas tank. Otherwise, any info on the puch maxi will pertain to your bike.

Re: My first moped!

I live in maine also and if you need help just send me an email if I can help I will.

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Other than the manual, these videos are useful if you aren't too familiar with moped mechanics (or any mechanics), as is Fred's Guide. break>

"Mopedjunkyard": has really useful exploded diagrams, and 1977mopeds does an excellent job categorizing and photographing parts.

The wiki is an good (if slightly disorganized) resource, as are old posts here (just search ... you'd be amazed at the stuff you can find).

Good luck, and if you've got any other questions, just ask!

Re: My first moped!

Yeah, all the Maxi and Newport models are basically the same. What you really need to be concerned about at this point is, does it have the single speed E50 motor, or the 2 speed ZA50 motor. If it has the ZA50 2 speed, and it does not work right, heaven help you. Unless you are an expert mechanic, do not dissassemble the bottom end of this motor, and even then, it requires a lot of very expensive and hard to get parts to repair, you need to get, or improvise a lot of special tools, and the tolerances are closer than those on the space shuttle. It's much easier to look for an E50 replacement motor, it's a direct replacement, easy to work on, and easy to get parts for. But, if you wind up with a great running ZA50, then you have a pretty special moped, IMO.

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How can I tell if I have an e50 or a ZA50 motor? I took the moped to a motorcyle shop today and one guy (who obviously wasn't thrilled with a moped) said it could be fixed, but might cost me $200-$300 (the body is in good shape) and he said he'd happily take my money, but thought I should pay $600 to $1,000 and get a decent scooter.

It seems what I have to find for parts is a throttle tube/housing, a throttle cable, a right hand grip and tires.

Re: My first moped!

well tires are pretty easy to get (not wheels, right? Just the rubber). Go to your local motorcycle shop and look for the size you need. I needed 2.25 - 17 ("two and a quarter by seventeen" to the guys behind the counter). To find out what you need, look at the beat and busted tires on your ped. It should say it.

As for the cables and all that junk. I don't have any experience with that.

Congrats on the ped, I just got a 1978 newport. Been covered in grease since i got it :-)

Re: My first moped!

An e50:

A ZA50:

The ZA50 is larger because of the gear in the two speed transmission.

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