motul 800 users???

Alright, I have been using motul 800 for two summers now, and just bought a new bottle. When going to pour my mix, I noticed that this "new" bottle I bought was not nearly the bright red color it usually is. It is almost an amber color or brown tinted. Has anyone who is using motul 800 ever encountered this?? Thanks.

Re: motul 800 users???

that's the 800 double ester you got. The REALLY good stuff.

Re: motul 800 users???

Lil MotoGuzzi Vert /

Anybody know a good spot online to buy motul? Esp. the 800 double ester?

Re: motul 800 users???

anywhere with s parts unlimited dealer account.

Re: motul 800 users???

Max you can get it at Choke too.

Re: motul 800 users???

double ester ohhhhh!!!!

i use 710, just as good

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