To: Moped Army

OK now tell me who money have i took and never gave them what they bought. Who have i scammed. I hate when people get together and don't know what they are talking about. I will list every transaction that i have had on Moped Army.

1. mkelly: i sold you a kit in which you paid for that i took a while to ship to you. I understand that.

2. Vic: i was suppose to buy a E50 engine but didn't send out the money order for it the first time it was posted on the buy and sell forum. I never got around to it. the second time i saw you posted it on eBay, won the bid and within the 7 day payment period sent out the money order in which you got.

3. Ryan: sold you a Tomos Targa LX (yellow) with title original receipt and etc, had no problems there.

4. Louis: (Kentucky) I have sold you that blue magnum with e50 engine no problems there.

5. James i sold and traded and bought tons of mopeds & things from you never had any problems. Very cool guy to know. Knows more about mopeds than anyone i know.

6. Martin: i traded you that Sachs Suburban for the Garelli VIP 2 Speed. A great deal on my part but i guess people thought other wise. Also i sold you that Tomos Orange siver bullet to your friend.

7. Ike: i bought a blue Garelli from you delivered it right to my house that, that was awesome. No problems there.

8. Noah: Am currently giving you about half of what you paid for back to you because of me not shipping some stuff when i could but you have everything to that Magnum that i said you would except for that pedal crank, i think i lost that but i no worry's you are getting some cash back.

I thinks that's it. But know since it's gotten to where people are saying am a scamer i will just stop dealing with mopeds and people on Mopedarmy that way, nobody has to worry about me scamming them. So there wasn't ever a case were i took someones money and never gave them anything back. So am done with mopeds now. Am sorry if anyone feels that i have done wrong to them or etc but If you have problems what so ever just email me.

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Lil MotoGuzzi Vert /

I thought you were done with moped army. Some of those transactions still sound suspicious dude... I mean you can't even seem to get your story right. like

"i was suppose to buy a E50 engine but didn’t send out the money order for it the first time it was posted on the buy and sell forum. I never got around to it."

That's your excuse for not paying someone? "I never got around to it?"

Re: To: Moped Army

i did finally buy it from him just not right away. ask him

Re: To: Moped Army

To anyone interested.

I had one transaction with this guy and never had a problem. I told him how much i wanted for the bike and he said OK I have the money. He told when to deliver the bike and he was sitting there waiting for me just like he said. He even paid me extra for delivering the bike. Couldn`t have went smoother.

Beleive me, there are worse people on this site to deal with than this guy.


Re: To: Moped Army

And beleive me, when someone jacks me around about paying for something on ebay, I don`t forget it, right Chad, loquasious boy, radioflyer25, mopedgenius or who knows what your alias might be now ?


Re: To: Moped Army

Hahaaa. I can be a bit of a flake too. I haven't been to the post office in 5 years probably.

It's ridiculous to say you're going to give up on mopeds because you're not so reliable. Generally I just apologize and admit I'm a lazy, flaky jerk when it comes up- as you probably should just do also. I don't try to pretend I can ship someone something when I know it's not in my disposition.

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Vimy Ridgeway /

Generally speaking, Erin, if you can't complete a transaction, it's not wise to start one.

Re: To: Moped Army

waune, when people say they are "done with mopeds" they usualy mean it. dont let the door hit you on the way out.

Re: To: Moped Army

Vimy Ridgeway /

Or harold will find you and make you eat gaskets.

Re: To: Moped Army

I have talked with both noah and maitland personally about your "transactions" with them.

Here are some statements that in my opinion describe your transactions on this site:

you are a very unreliable person to trade with, it would be of high risk to do business with you. This is due to the fact that you may not have or send what you advertise and/or it may take months, or eventually you may waste a buyers time by just refunding their money months later. You only use the Buy/sell forum, you interests in moped appear to be only financial.

While you claim to not be a "scammer", you in fact admitted it to me in an e-mail when I called you out about it. then mysteriously all your items on the buy/sell you posted had instantly sold without any ppl posting interest, a minute later.

So to warn anyone else who might want to buy stuff from Waune oats, know it is a high risk.

No smoke without fire. selling on the buy/sell isn't what mopeds r about. If you quit selling stuff it would benefit us all, you can still ride ur moped.

Re: To: Moped Army

Max - he didn't have the engine at that point so it was no big deal if he didn't send the money order. People get busy .. I'm sure you'll understand that.

Re: To: Moped Army

Good intentions fall short sometime Erin .. nobody here on earth at this time is perfect unless you're that one.

Re: To: Moped Army

Yeah .. and like when someone says "I'm gonna kill that person" they always mean it and do it, eh Vic?

Re: To: Moped Army

So, Elliot, everyone should just ignore the good references found posted on the forum? Anyway, isn't the rule in business "Buyer Beware". And is Juan to trust people by shipping stuff without receiving payment, or partial payment, first? We've all ripped others off, and we've all been ripped off .. and not very often does it happen purposely, unless you're like Enron or a politician.

Re: To: Moped Army

This whole forum is pathetic. It sounds like the guy wants to make things right, so everyone just accept that. If people don't want to do business with him, that's their choice. Sometimes I feel like I'm reading some old women sitting around kniting and gossiping about how shady everyone on moped army is.'s moped army. 'Nuff Said.

Re: To: Moped Army

if anyone else ever complains about getting scammed by wuane oats then I'm just gonna call them a sucker. Enough info bout him is out there

Re: To: Moped Army

I would rather sound pretentious to everybody on this forum than have to worry about dealing with unprofessional sellers on a site I use every day.

Re: To: Moped Army

***Vanilla Thunder*** /

what about smoke machines...

dry ice.

LOL i love it

Re: To: Moped Army

i've had a couple of problems with people on MA that took my moneys like Rich Battaglia(ragstretcher, poweredbypuch). i bought a seat from him 3mo. ago still haven't heard from him and no seat.... so if anyone knows what may have happen to him let me know. i still want that seat

Re: To: Moped Army

Timmy Southpark /

Lets see i have bought...

1) 71 Moby

2) 86 Sebring

3) 99 Targa

4) 95 Targa

5) 93 Targa

6) 80 5 star

7) 85 Silverbullet

8) 80? Westlake

9) Misc Parts

And i have sold...

1) 2 magnums (in pieces)

2) 95 targa

All these transactions with Waune, and he is always a nice polite guy. He doesnt seem shady to me.

And really, when i started on this site i had my run-ins with everyone. I start a giant trend arguing with everyone on how my maxi was a magnum.

Basically we have all made mistakes. Cut him alittle slack, and you dont have to trade/ buy off him anyway. Leave all his trading with me, he gets some cool stuff at times.

Dude waune dont stop mopeds, just limit your use on this site if need be.

Re: To: Moped Army

Interesting. I've never gone to the buy/sell forum. It's craig's or evilbay. You shouldn't sugar coat a piece of shit. Shit, you want to sell out you're fuckin' Karma for $50 bucks? If you can't pay your fucking electric bill, send me an email.

Can't believe how much crap I've read on the forums tonight that revolve around money, bitterness & fucking people over.

Knock it off. Sure the oldgodgers are passing you off a fucked-up world, but you don't have to take and you CAN change it.

Re: To: Moped Army




awesome post.

Re: To: Moped Army

I don't really like reading threads like this... but since I'm a part of it, I'll just say I've had good dealings with Waune. I think we all just need to keep a good buy/sell protocol - when you say something, back it up. If you aren't sure of the quality, just don't buy. Yah, the Sachs was a great deal, the Tomos, eh, needed a new motor (it was a gamble, I assume no one really knew what was going on with it) - but that is how I've always seen life. Everything I am involved with has the good and the bad, luckily I know when to quit wasting my time with certain people - likely if Waune has something cool that I can't possibly lose money/time/effort on, I'm going to buy it.

Get some 3x5 index cards and write yourself some reminders for money orders, shipping, etc. Leave them right in front of something you see everyday.

As far as ripping on someone who at the very least isn't saying, "fuck you, your mother, ass, cock, shit, etc, I'm nate" at least from what I have read and trying his best to make it right without losing lots of cash... there is something to say there... but there is great responsibility when it comes to providing quality stuff to people that are serious about mopeds and you can almost never tell the quality until you tear it down and look at it.

Sooo..... I'm not taking a side here, just rambling. I guess the best policy is go over the items well, make sure you haggle a little if you aren't sure, treat every moped deal like an expected value equation; if I deal with Treats and 1977, I give them a 5% chance of failure. Some random dude on craigslist, 25% chance of failure. Chad Burke, 100% of erotic garelli pleasure. I've eaten quite a few costs on fixing up fucked up bikes, but I like to think I'm still ahead overall.

Re: To: Moped Army

Martin, hows the Moby I sold you coming along?

Re: To: Moped Army

I apologize if I sounded off & it came off a little negative. Like Martin, I've had great luck with treatshq & 1977.

Re: To: Moped Army

i can't figure out what quarter kick sells they are out of everything always. I'm standing up for my personal friends who got taken cuz we live thousands of miles away but yeah they r also suckas. Sry i believe their actual word vs these threads.

Re: To: Moped Army

I'm for surly not the type of dude to talk shit on people at all. If waune/wayne would of told me hey I haven't shipped it yet...or just kept in contact then this wouldn't exist.

But when someone hangs up on you after dealing with him for 3 months, Lies directly to you over the phone, and have to block your number just so he picks up the phone is pretty shady to me. And then you find out hes a kid scamming means war.

Wayne you said full refund of everything. And now you say half... GET YOUR SHIT STRAIT BEFORE SOMEONE HAS TO STRAITEN IT FOR YOU!

Re: To: Moped Army

Still working on the Moby... slowly. It really is a nice moped, I think I can find new chrome stuff for it and the paint is actually really good - and it runs awesome! As for all the cables, I found a hardware store that was selling 50 ft of it... so I went crazy and bought it! So many of my bikes need it.

Definitely, if a refund is due to you, keep at it. BTW, are you creatures going to represent hardcore at Kalamazoo like last year?

Re: To: Moped Army

no we r staying home for the most part its too expensive to move all out bikes and selves out there every year. I'm moving to the UK for the summer, but i think alot are going to bomb prom.

Re: To: Moped Army

Bomb Prom Bitches!!!

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