japanese mods**

question for the moped army public** is there anyone out there that can get japanese scooter parts from japan... specifically there is a digital "communication" unit that comes stock on the honda metropolitan aka crea scoopy in japan. i want the digital unit soooOOOooo bad. i have looked at 300 plus japanese sites, and nobody ships parts... i believe it plugs right in where the stock speedo unit lies on our version. is anyone capable of getting it? know of any shops that can? i will sell my first child... well, not my first, maybe second. =D u get the picture... please help!!!

<a href="http://members10.tsukaeru.net/mine/scoopy/c_me-ta-/index.html"</a>


<a href="http://www1.odn.ne.jp/winningroad/bike/s_scoopy/scoopy1.htm"</a>

scroll down a little on this page and u will see it**


Re: japanese mods**

crap, i am an html idiot.. click on the "scroll down" link and u will see it. sigh... where is my html book for dummies again??? +(

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