Reasonable price for '82 Urban Exp. w/208 miles?

Jackson Pritt /

Hey everyone!

I recently noticed an '82 Urban Express (possibly 83. i dunno.) sitting in front of an apartment complex gathering dust. It hasn't been used at all in the week since I noticed it and I'd like to leave a note offering to buy it.

My question is - what's a reasonable price to offer for the moped? It looks to be in pretty good condition though it's awful dirty... Oh, and it's only got 208 miles on it! How much should I offer if it works? How much if it doesn't?

Thanks a ton!

-----Jackson Pritt

Re: Reasonable price for '82 Urban Exp. w/208 mile

If it runs, offer 200...It's kinda lowball, but that is how you negotiate. :) I would go as high as 300, if it runs good and is complete. If it doesn't run, but is complete, offer 100, and go up to 150ish. My opinion...

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