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I am receiving a Tomos for dirt cheap and the guy told me it was a 1999 TT Classic.

I looked it up in the photo section and this it was it looks like:

Now, it just looks like a normal LX, although I noticed a few differences like the headlight is round.

Is there anything special about this moped I should knwo about that makes it a "Classix"

I guess it was just a retro styling LE edition LX or something?

Re: Tomos TT Clasic

So, I am a fucking idiot.

Did a simple search and came up with some good info in case anyone was wondering.

It was a Limited Edition with only 504 Made

Here is a picture that shows the various differences. Basically uses a lot of CEV parts from the old Bullet days.

Re: Tomos TT Clasic

Tyrone Biggumss /

looks like a tomos streetmate.. but itf its limited edition and in good condition for dirt cheap buy it

Re: Tomos TT Clasic

thats gonna be the magnuma limited of tomorrow

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Other than the larger round headlight, these are the other features:

small CEV bolt-on speedo unit

chrome rack, kickstand, flywheel/oil injection cover & exhaust

rear rack

whitewall tires


flashers may have been optional

These also came with a special Tomos Certificate w/ the production number & info on it.

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I saw one of those a couple weeks ago.

Re: Tomos TT Clasic

hmm, needs a chrome front fender, I like it! I think i'll do that to my Uber-Gay bullet tt

Re: Tomos TT Clasic

Here is a 99 classic that has been kitted and has the wire wheels and whitewalls removed. I just sold this bike to a guy in Michigan.

I also sold the original wheels and tires on ebay to a dealer in Michigan who tried to tell me those wheels didn`t come from a 99 classic ??

I also have another one of thease bikes in original mint condition with 230 miles. I have the certificate for it.



Re: Tomos TT Clasic

nice looking bike Ike.

Re: Tomos TT Clasic

my roomate just got back from japan and brought some tomos flyers, back.

Wow Tomos USA, we have no taste here, look what they get in Japan!

They also sell old style sachs peds there.

Re: Tomos TT Clasic

John Joedicke /

Andy that baby has had a front end smash. Too many parts are not right.

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