Foxi forks? What else might fit?

Hey everyone -

So, I'm doing a great Sparta Foxi build for my girlfriend (she's a keeper!) and have almost everything minus a set of forks and all the stuff I need with them - triple tree, bearings, top name it.

If I strike out.....does anyone know if a different set will bolt up to this thing? I'm actually amazed that EBR's won' least that's what I'm being told. Maxi forks won't? The Foxi is low to the ground on the front would seem like they'd work.

Oh....those dutch.....

Re: Foxi forks? What else might fit?

Look on ebay right now theres a guy selling a ton of foxi shit NOS for cheap. I know he will have 99% of what you need.

Heres a start.

Email him

Re: Foxi forks? What else might fit?

Oh.....believe me....I've already done fact, that was the first thing I did. The issue is that he's charging me around 100.00 for a set of forks. I know these are hard to find and all, and they're good forks....but MAN! C'mon! I can buy a really nice pair of BRAND NEW performance forks for that much. question still stands.....

Anyone got any ideas?

Re: Foxi forks? What else might fit?

waste $100 on a set of EBRs that wont fit, buy the $100 stock ones that will definitely fit, or wait for at least 4-6 months until someone has a project bike that they MIGHT want to part forks with. Good luck.. Sparta parts are hard to come by.

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