Any Oregon moped riders?

Riding mopeds in Oregon kinda sucks if you ride by the letter of the law. Insurance is required, cannot use bike lanes, must only ride on roads 30mph or less. Anyone else dealing with this?


Re: Any Oregon moped riders?

here in pennsylvania we have it kinda bad too. we need insurance ($120 a year which is cheap but still, it's a moped), title and registration, and license plates and it's illegal to ride on highways although sometimes we do when we have to (from bethlehem, pa to philadelphia, pa). luckily we don't need a special driver's license and helmets aren't required allthough i've recently gotten into the habit of wearing one (can't be a bad idea, just think about the implications of getting hit). most of the cops i've been pulled over by have been cool. they just look at you strange and kinda laugh and put you back on your way. like anything there's the occasional ass that tries and sometimes successfully screws you but again luckily those are somewhat rare.

if you're looking for fellow riders just drive around your friends a lot, you know they're going to want to get one eventually. jealousy rocks. keep riding.

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Re: Any Oregon moped riders?

I've seen a few mopeds on eBay and on Excite classifieds in Oregon area lately. You could get your friends to buy some mopeds! Also, check the moped owners directory on this site. There might be some people registered there already. And be sure you register, so they can find you too.

Re: Any Oregon moped riders?

Illinois sucks too. I spent $30 buying my moped, about $100 fixing it, and $600 registering it and buying insurance. In illinois it costs the same as a car to register..ridiculous..

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