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Well it sorta started when I was to deliver the carnival ride that my family owned. It was called the Combine, and was sort of a simple ride. It was made out of steel, and had 4 seating areas that were like a bench. Each bench would accomidate about 8 to 10 people. It was called the combine because it sort of resembled the blades on the front of a combine tractor. These "blades" rotated like a small ferris wheel. The combine was yellow and red. Two red "blades," and two yellow ones.

Now our town was having a kind of fair downtown on mainstreet. I was to deliver this, and set it up on one of the lower streets. As I was paying for gas, I came out to find many of the pieces of the ride were stolen out of the back of the flatbed truck. So I walked around a bit and asked if anyone had seen somebody messing with the truck, and the stuff in the back. While not even off of the gas station parking lot, I noticed one small piece in the back of a beat up gold early 70’s car. No one was inside it, so I opened up the door to find a good few handfuls of smaller parts that belonged to me. I started scooping them up, when the apparent owner came up to the car and asked me what I was doing. I told him this stuff belonged to me, and I was taking it back. He laughed at me. I asked him where he got it, and where were the other larger pieces that are still missing.

He replied that he just bought this stuff from some kid. I looked at him accusingly and said I doubt that. So I told him if I had to, I’d buy back the pieces. He laughed, and drove away with me still holding his back right door open.

It was then I also noticed I had no shoes on. I don’t go ANYWHERE without my shoes on. So I was perplexed on how this occurred.

Before I could really wonder about it, I noticed that now my truck was gone! I was devastated. I looked around and saw some fresh tracks made by it, as it looked as if someone took off in a hurry, cornering hard and leaving a trace of rubber, pointing towards the street. Upon looking further, I noticed that across the street, were more tracks. These gouged into the grass of the courthouse lawn, running right up a slope and out of sight.

So I crossed the street, and did not just follow the tracks, but walked around to another side of the lawn. On the side I decided to enter, were tall cement walls below the lawn, with decorative cement overhangs in areas. On this wall there were three separate sets of stairs that led to the top of the lawn. As I wondered which one to climb, a girl came up to me and said she’d help me find my truck.

As soon as we climbed the stairs however, I pretty much stopped caring about my loss. I was very drawn to the building, as I’d never noticed many things about it before that in this early night sky was barely lit up. Near a carved fountain, were a set of slow spiraling stairs. The stairs didn’t look like they were really meant to walk on, as they were carved out of fine marble, and were very small steps. As this girl was with me, we looked at each other, and silently agreed to climb them. She climbed ahead of me, as I followed. Then at the top, I stopped her. The stairs peaked, and started to go back down a bit, and led into the building in a weird balcony area. It looked as if no one had been there for a hundred years. The railing that led downward into the doorway was falling apart. It was a twisted metal railing that was long ago treated or painted to make it black, but was starting to rust here and there, and was also pulling out of the cement that it hung from. I held out one hand, but then decided I better offer both hands to help the lady down.

She grabbed ahold and smiled sort of nervously, as she made her way down this last small flight. As I helped her, I noticed that I was now wearing boots. I also very rarely wear boots. I noticed because I almost slipped on the tiny stairs as I reached for her.

We made our way in, and there were no outer doors to open. We could just enter part of the building though an archway. I noticed it was glum and unkept, and the once white stucco walls were yellowing and cracking, and even crumbling near the ceiling. I noticed old holes in the wall that looked like they had once had maybe two light switches or something mounted into them at one time. We went a little further in, and had to step up and over two very old whicker and metal lawn chairs. The chairs were falling apart, and were kind of scary to walk over.

I told my new found friend that I didn’t understand why anyone would ever want to sit in this old cramped hallway. I wondered why these chairs were there. The chairs were not much narrower than the narrow hallway we were in, but we climbed over them carefully, and proceeded inward. We got into a better lit area, and saw that the newer looking hall was lit by regular incandescent lights. The hall had a very tall ceiling in it, and we came up to the first door. I opened it, and we walked through. The door led to another hallway that slowly curved to the left. The paint was better, but was still a yellowish color. There was another door at the end of this short hall. Before we got up to the next door, this girl with me told me that she really wanted to meet me here later, because she really liked this place. She showed no signs of having been there before. I told her we could just meet right now, if she wanted.

She came close to me, and for the first time I got a good look at her face. She had a very plain sort of flat face, without much expression. She just looked like she was very comfortable with me, and held out her arms, to hold me. She had on a silky medium length golden brown dress on, and had a most incredibly pretty body, that perked up the dress and really showed off her curviness. Her hair was light straight blonde. Her skin was pale white.

I started to caress her, and we noticed some shuffling and voices. We walked to the next door, and I barely had the courage to open it. I did though, and it opened up to a junction, where it was like a T. To the right led into a large unlit room, and to the left were a set of double wooden doors with windows in them. To the front was another door, like we had just walked through. It was possible to stay behind the corner, and not see the double doors, and still be in that junction area. We noticed right away that these double doors were where the sounds came from.

I put my finger to my lips to let the girl know too be quiet, as I slowly peeked around the corner. As I looked, I saw a girl with short almost black hair giggling and starting to undress. She was on her hands and knees and pulling of some pants, exposing a glimpse of white panties. She never saw me. That was about the same time the girl with me peered around to look too. Then we noticed that there was a guy in there too, but we could mainly only hear him sort of mumbling something to the dark haired girl. Then I noticed there was another girl, laying on the floor. The floor had an antique light tan carpet with dark brown mosaic patterns around the edge. There was a lamp that was on, with a shade. It looked old too. There was a small coffee table beside that, made of oak it looked like. And I could see part of an old couch. I could only see this other girl from the belly upward. She was lying down, and naked, and looked like she was really enjoying something. She squirmed from side to side a little. She had sort of wavy thick sandy brown hair. I heard some moaning that I assumed was from another guy near where I couldn’t see her anymore, as the window cut off the view.

Both me and the girl that I was with wanted to laugh, but ducked back and whispered to each other asking if it was some sorta orgy thing goin’ on in there. Curious, we both looked in again. This time it got strange. I saw the dark haired girl as if she was sinking into the floor, up to almost her armpits. She reached out for the one guy we knew was there. He grabbed her arm, and they just started groaning. I didn’t know if it was pleasure or distress. Then I noticed the other girl was slipping into the carpet, and sinking too. This disturbed me a lot, and put lots of fear into the girl I was with. We decided to leave, and went back through the door that we came in.

I noticed there was another door that was now on our right as we headed away. Fearing these people may know we were outside their room, we slipped into it. The door led into an old office-like room. It had old wooden swivel chairs, and a couple huge wooden desks with paper stacked all about the room, and books and shelves on the walls. Very dusty dirty room. In this room I saw another door that must have led into that room we saw the people in. We could hear them, and by now it sounded very scary. They were crying out, like they were being kept against their wills. I saw the door latch wiggling, but out of fear I ran over and buckled a weird old leather latch sort of thing that buttoned over and kinda locked the door. I knew it wouldn’t hold if someone really pushed hard.

We were about to flee the room, when I noticed on the side of the room opposite from the door we entered it by, had a gap. The floor did not quite meet up to the wall. I got near it, and looked over into the crevice. That’s where I saw a strange set of stairs that got wider and wider as they descended. They were also covered with a medium green velvet material. Very musty towards the top, and worn. I wanted so badly to go down and look. Without even consulting the girl, I started down them. She followed right behind and wanted me to help her down. It was more like climbing than walking down. It bottomed out to a very different type of place. The floors were dark brown bricks, and looked immensely old. It was like a castle I thought. Why was it so different down here, I thought.

We walked a bit, and I saw an old wood or coal stove, and across from it, in the same "room" was another stove that looked like the first. I wondered if they could even actually still be used. I saw the floor was dented down somewhat to the right of the first stove, and the brick floor was clumpy and some bricks were loose. I wondered what may have caused that… Water? Weight from something at one time? Poor foundation? Were there more levels under this, and could we fall through if we got near?

We then walked on a bit, passing the other stove, where I then noticed there was a small burning candle in a tiny glass globe sorta shaped like a shotglass. I was then afraid that we probably weren’t alone down there. We walked a little further and saw a few more candles like the first. Eventually we came upon an open area that was better lit, and to the left it opened up into a room that was full of furniture. Tables, with white table clothes, but on top of them were stacked all sorts of ornaments. Very ancient carvings that held carved candles that were unburnt. Dark purple small candles carved like flowers. And some pink ones too.

Cobwebs and dust coated most of the tables, and their stacks of odd embellished carvings. Things that looked like they once held some kind of lights; candles, lamps or something. They looked like they were meant to be hung on walls, and most were made from iron. They looked as if they came out of the 1600’s.

Now this room also had something that made us both freeze. There was a person sitting at a table with many small white candles like the first ones we saw. I could only make out the top of their head, as they looked like they might be reading at the table or something. I couldn’t tell if it was a man or woman. Firmly, because I didn’t know what to do, I called out, "Hello?"

They stood up, and I was ready to run, but they moved into the light better, and I could see it was woman. She was maybe 30 years old, it appeared, and she had shoulder length blonde hair. She had a very pretty face, and softly spoke to me, saying she knew I’d be here, and called me David. I noticed a large wooden display cabinet made very nicely with inlaid wood of various shades. No glass was in it. I wanted to get a better look at what might be in it, but felt like I shouldn’t.

She then moved over to the center of the room by the back wall. She almost floated there, she moved so lightly. She pointed and I noticed she had two windows beside her on each side. They looked like even during the day, you would have an impossible time seeing anything clearly out of them. They were almost opaque. She centered herself between these two windows, and turned to me. She said I was the first American to ever see any of this. She said something about her people being Nordic. Then she commented about how my hair has really filled out since she had seen me long ago, and she could tell I was ready for what was going to happen now, as everything has come to pass as it should.

That was about as serious as it got. I thought I felt like some ancient prophecy of some kind must have transpired. The feeling faded some when she asked if during the day, as she no longer sees the sun, if I would bring her some toasted chicken. I don’t even know what that is. I told her if I could find some I most undoubtedly would. She said she had been craving toasted chicken since she had been there. I had an assumption that it was a VERY long time that she had occupied this place.

Pondering where I was even gonna find this meal for her, I walked up the two wide stone stairs that had led into that deeper room, back up and further, as I saw more tables filled with all sorts of carved and cast ornamental things of all sorts. I supposed that most were once hung on a wall. I found a place to sit down beside one of the tables, but was sort of crowded in I felt.

As I sat there, all of a sudden came in a small parade of slowly moving people. They were all dressed in what seemed like potato sacks, but not all of them, just most. One lady had on a long thick dress. She looked old, and had grayish white hair. The oddest thing is, is that when these people walked in, they all looked like wax figures. Their faces looked reflective, and their hair looked carved and nonflowing. Each one was whispering mumbles very quietly under their breath. I couldn’t make out what they said to themselves at all. Each one came up to me. One at a time, and some kneeled down, and some didn’t. I didn’t know how to respond so I just nodded my head down at each of them. A very tall feebly bald man came up to me first, and looked very relieved, as he said my name. He called me David as well, and just kept walking after he passed me, leaning over, but seemed to almost be asleep, but smiling. The old lady came up to me and kneeled down, and licked her fingers, and placed hands on me. I looked up at her, as she seemed like she had lived out a very long life waiting for nothing but this very moment. Then she held up her left hand close to me. I looked at her unsure of what she wanted as she bumped my right elbow with her other hand, gesturing for me to touch her held up hand. I pressed my fingers up to hers, and she seemed to maybe be praying a blessing over me or something. I didn’t understand it at all. Then she got up, and smiled brightly as she passed and let the next person come up to me. This person was wearing the sack cloth stuff or whatever it was. He had a hood on, and I couldn’t see his hair, if he had any. His eyes were medium brown. He sat there in front of me with his head tilted far back. He had on crude chalky make-up covering his entire face. It was olive color mostly, but he had two circle spots of light creamy yellow on each cheek, and around his eyes, the green faded to white. He laughed, but in a way as if he was very nervous, and seemed very unsure of how he should feel or act. He also called me David, as he asked me if he was a little girl. I looked at the others behind him, as there were three more people. They looked away, when I tried reading on them what I should reply. I was afraid these may be bad people, and thought I better answer honestly, as to maybe test them.

I told him that no, he was not a little girl. He kind of laughed, but acted entirely confused and even maybe somewhat scared. He then asked if he was a grown man. I answered back and said that yes, he was a grown man. He then stood up, as he was on his knees while he asked me. While he stood up I noticed that one of the other people behind him just stood by the edge of the "room" I was in. He stretched out his right arm, but not towards me, and it grew like a tree branch. I could make out fingers and a thumb, but they were very large now, and were covered in bark. He just stood there and didn’t move as his arm grew to be about 10 feet long, and about 8 to 10 inches around, from his shoulder.

That made me confused and I turned to the girl that came in with me, as she was standing next to the back wall, behind me. I told her I thought someone might have dosed us with something, as I’ve never had so many weird happenings like this ever before. She nodded her head in agreement with her eyes open wide, like she was also experiencing everything the same way I was seeing it all.

That was when the man with the olive made-up face turned and came back close to me, standing but leaning over. He grumbled in a low voice, but not mean-like. It was more like he just had a bunch of congestion in his throat, but refused to clear it. He told me that if he had a VHS tape of what we were all seeing, that he’d smash it.

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