bomb prom?

i got bored at school and drew this:

its not done

Re: bomb prom?

i was expecting jesus on a moped.

with guns. and a fur coat.

Re: bomb prom?

zombies on mopeds are just so much cooler:)

and that is eventually gonna be matts cool TBS flag.

Re: bomb prom?

nice drawing dude. Bomb prom sounds fun.

Re: bomb prom?

I soooooooooooooooooo can't wait for BOMBPROM!!!

Re: bomb prom?

Yo Louis, yesterday me and Alex were randomly wandering around Handybikes as we always do... when we came upon your g3 sitting in the back of the warehouse. It was quite the surprise!

Re: bomb prom?

ha yeah i sold it to a guy in cinci. he took it to have the engine rebuilt by bj. its gonna be a dream ped soon. and i will be jealous.

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